How to Channel Energy the Right Way – Wisdom That Precedes Time From Master Beinsa Douno

This post includes information on how to channel energy and it’s inspired by the teachings of Peter Deunov.

The energy in nature comes from two main sources: from the center of the Sun and from the center of the Earth. The predominant energy in Nature is the one that comes from the center of the Sun. It’s a positive energy.

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When solar energy is perceived more with the head, the human brain becomes very activate. If this energy is absorbed more than the stomach, then the stomach becomes very active. In this case, the brain is demagnetized, weakened and a headache is caused.

For this purpose, excess energy from the stomach should somehow be redirected into the brain.

Sometimes, solar energy can be more concentrated in the elbow, the whole hand, the face, etc.

To distribute this energy evenly throughout the body, you need to perform occult gymnastic exercises.

How to Channel Energy?

When you cannot fall asleep easily, the cause of this is the excess energy in the brain. To release it, you have to do such exercises through which to send it to other parts of the body.

This is done in several ways: either by concentrating your thought towards the tip of your nose for 5 minutes, or by washing your feet in warm water, to draw some of the blood in your head to go down.

The accumulation of solar energy in some parts of the body in larger quantity creates for the other parts a number of painful conditions.

These parts, which have been demagnetized, are generally the one that get ill, that is to say, those parts which are deprived of the necessary amount of energy.

In order to channel healing energy to them, you should give them the so much needed energy mentally.

When a sick part of the body received the energy it needs, it heals.

So when you want to regulate the powers of the different parts of your body, do the following exercise:

Lower your arms down and concentrate your thought on the center of the Earth.

Then take this energy from the center of the Earth and consciously channel it into your brain.

If you cannot do this, this energy will embezzle you and it will affect destructively some of your body parts.

In order this not to happen, you must channel this energy not only to your head but also to the center of the Sun.

Then direct the same energy to the center of the Earth. These two types of energies will meet at some point.

What Happens When These Energies Meet?

The point where the energies meet in man is under the solar plexus.

At that place, you will feel a little warmth, a sign of life.

When the crossing of these energies occurs in the brain, you will experience an upsurge in the thought process; if the crossing of these energies occurs in the lungs, your feelings will expand; if this crossing occurs in your stomach, you will feel a great appetite; and if this crossing occurs in the muscles of the legs and arms, you will feel a desire to move.

In general, in which part of the body the crossing of these energies happen, one will feel in himself a particular delight and disposition for something good.

This is why one has to study his thoughts and desires, to see what role they play in his life, to distinguish where they come from: from the center of the Earth or from the center of the Sun.

“Good Habits”, “Allocation of Energy”, p. 196.

When someone is tremendously excited and feels that his solar node is malfunctioning, which motion will be natural for him?

The most natural move for you will be to put your right hand on the solar node, under the solar plexus, with your palm down, and your left hand on your waist with your palm out.

In this hand position, one senses a soothing effect on the nervous system. This movement is natural and beautiful because it brings soothing… Putting your hand on the solar node, you’re channeling energy through hands while you feel calmness overtaking you.

The palm of the right hand is a conductor of a negative, reconciling energy, and the upper part of the left hand is the medium of positive, excitatory energy. These energies, united in one place, soothe man.

“The Divine Conditions”, “Laws of Beauty”, p. 32.

Someone suffers from a stomach, writhes, and you tell him to bear.

A great effort is required from him to endure. Instead of advising him to bear, tell him to put his hands on the solar node or where the pain is and you will see that his situation will improve after a while.

Any pain is due to the accumulation of excess energy at some point in the body.

Accumulation of this energy causes some tension in the nervous system.

In order to remove the pain, this energy has to be diluted.

As soon as the energy dissipates, the blood begins to circulate properly throughout the body, and the condition of the one suffering improves.

If you don’t know how to channel energy and the accumulated energy doesn’t dissipate, the blood will have a hard time circulating in your body, resulting in friction, rubbing in these places. The one that suffers feels great pain, nervous excitation that doctors call inflammation.
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“Good Habits”, “The First Born Thought”, p. 65.

I’ll give you one exercise but you must know that in every moment you’re connected with Nature’s currents.

As you tighten your hand and keep your mind focused, you already have contact with these currents. And then, in any given case, you have a connection with the electricity of the Earth or with the electricity of the Sun.

With each stretch of the arm, you can still have contact with either the Earth or with the magnetism of the Sun. Magnetism is connected to the prana, that is to say with the chi.

So, when stretching your arms and legs and concentrating your mind, one uses the vital energies of Nature and he becomes healthy and strong.

When you’re holding your hands weak, the natural forces cannot be used.

Hands must be raised up, well stretched.

Concentrate your mind and mentally direct the solar energies to pass through your hands, to flow through your whole organism.

In this position of your hands, say the following formula: “I’m in harmony with the  Living Nature. Let the Divine blessing flow through me!” Drop your hands down.

“Absolute Justice”, “Positive and Negative Conditions of Life”, p. 25-26.

The energies that flow through your body are transmitted to the earth; The unnecessary energy passes into the ground.

Sometimes you have to be barefoot, so the needless in you can go to the ground. Some go barefoot on dew; As the dew moistens your feet, all the unnecessary forces in man go into the earth.

It’s good when it’s warm, summer time to walk barefoot so that an exchange between you and the earth can happen.

I don’t recommend doing it early in the morning, but when the Sun has put its shines on the grass.

Also, it’s good to watch the Sun when it rises. It has a beneficial effect on the eyes, but only the time when it rises, not later.

These are healthy rules, hygienic rules for life. They are not written in any book, they can be written in the future. Now you try them, and don’t tell about them to others, but check them out first.

These are rules. You may find some exceptions and you will say this isn’t true. This is all true but you must first check it.

We hope that the words about how to channel energy of the teacher Beinsa Douno have managed to touch you and educated you for one brighter future.

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