3 Beginner Friendly Astral Projection Techniques to Add a Feather in Your Spiritual Cap

This article gathers some of the best astral projection techniques that exist to facilitate the successful projection of oneself into the astral plane.

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Astral projection can be likened to psychic travel allowing visonary access to our physical plane and numerous other spaces. The astral realm is the amorphous place we go when we dream.

However, while dreaming, we are usually at the mercy of the whims of the landscape.

The benefits of practicing astral projection techniques include gaining complete conscious control of this process.

Invaluable information of any sort can be retrieved from the astral realm if one manages the process consciously. Masters of astral projection even learn how to project themselves instantly from their regular awake state.

For beginners the best way to practice is to maintain consciousness in a dreamy state.

The younger you are, the easier it is to astral project.

Children’s consciousnesses are recently attached to the physical body and retain a natural sense of the astral realm. But as you grow older it starts to diminish.

Over time one becomes more grounded into physical body and conditioned by society to doubt the reality of visionary states, until the astral realm is mostly forgotten & ignored.

Although this happens to almost everybody, the ability to get out of your physical body and travel with your astral body isn’t lost.

Astral travel continues occuring without our conscious attention. We leave our physical body every night, but we aren’t consciously aware of that process and therefore have little to no memory of it.

With a little bit of discipline we can learn memory techniques to remember our nightly astral projection journeys, and visionary techniques to master them.

Now that we’ve got your attention, are you ready to learn some magnificent visionary techniques? Prepare for a long but exciting educational post about restoring your forgotten powers.

3 Beginner Friendly Astral Projection Techniques to See the Astral Realm.

Modern society only acknowledges the physical body, but that body is only a part of our total being. The rest of our being is non-corporeal in the traditional sense; not visible to the naked eye, although it can be perceived by highly-awakened consciousness.

Ancient mystics & scholars called this the subtle body.

Materialistic science denies the existence of the subtle body, and many people have been indoctrinated to ignorantly deny its existence as well. Yet the reality of this phenomenon can be verified by anybody curious enough to open-mindedly practice.

Although our being is coherent & indivisible, the subtle body has distinct layers which can operate independently from each other & from the physical body. The body which facilitates out-of-body experiences has been termed ‘the astral body‘.

Our being extends far beyond the physical body.

Having an experience of one’s consciousness leaving the physical body opens one to personally prove that to themselves.

Another distinctive feature of astral projection is the vast difference between the sensation of the etheric body compared to that of the physical body. The sensation in the etheric body could be quite strong but when you move your attention away from them they don’t pull you back like your physical ones do.

Out-of-body experiences are natural and automatically occurring. All one must do is learn to relax and resist the urge to consciously interfere with the process, as well as train the memory so one can retain the visionary experience.

Without further ado we present 3 astral projection techniques to help unlock your latent capabilities.

1. The 4:00 A.M. Technique.

The 4:00 a.m. technique is an excellent starting point for anyone who wishes to explore the astral dimension. The benefit is that it is easier to remember what you saw because it happens right before you usually wake up in morning.

The name comes from the fact that people need at least 6 hours of sleep to restore their energy. If you set an alarm to wake yourself at about 4:00am (adjust to about 2 hours before you usually wake up), your body will be recharged but you can still have a couple more hours of sleep.

Don’t turn any lights on. This way you won’t disconnect your mind from the dreamy state.

Before you start off with visualization, the first prerequisite is to be in a state of mind where you slowly fall asleep rather than the usual fast way done by many people.

The success of this technique lies in the position of your body. When you’re starting out practicing astral projection techniques it can’t be done without the help of your physical body.

Here comes the key part.

The second prerequisite to astral travel is manipulating the position of your body. You need to lie back in a relaxed position just enough that you’ll fall asleep, ideally leaning back 45°.

If you lay further back than this, your experience won’t differ from going to bed as you normally do. And if you sit up much straighter than this you’ll find instead that you’re doing visualization practices but you’re not losing touch with your physical body.

Having a reclining chair is the best possible scenario.

You need to be just comfortable enough that you’ll nod off into a light sleep after a few minutes. You’re finally ready to use visualization.

There are many ways to proceed with visualization but we’ll first suggest the famous Robert Monroe’s method which really boosts the success of all astral projection techniques. Robert Monroe is widely known for his interest of the human consciousness and first popularized the term “out-of-body experience”.

Introduction of Robert Monroe’s visualization to facilitate entering the astral world:

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Imagine a globe of light which is about the size of a tennis ball, 1 foot (0.3 meters) away from you. Keep the image in your head until you feel comfortable with it.

Next, visualize the globe of light about 6 feet (2 meters) away from your face. And once again hold it until you’re relaxed with it. Finally, move the image of this ball of light directly above your head. Keep it 6 feet (2 meter) away from you, but now in line with your spine.

Sustain your concentration on the luminous ball of light, you want to see it vividly. Don’t let the sensations of your physical body bother you. You want to pay attention to the visualization of this ball of light.

You’ll slowly start to become aware of your etheric body, accompanied with an electrical, tingling kind of sensation across your whole body.

After a couple of minutes your body is going to fall asleep and you’re going to find your consciousness in the subtle etheric body.

You’ll still have the feeling of being in a body; that energetic or electrical sensation that is lightly present throughout the day. You’re also going to feel weightless and have the ability to return back to your physical body in a snap.

When you develop your awareness of your etheric body and take control of it for the first time in your life, it is essential that you remain calm and keep your focus planted firmly on your etheric body in order to maintain the state.

Your awareness will be itching to focus on something else, even more than it normally does when in a waking state.

If your first out-of-body travel lasts a couple of seconds, you can call it a great success!

As this experience is something new and alien for your doubtful, rational mind, this is a win over it. This can also be your grand realization that you can move without your physical body.

2. The Rope Technique.

Simplicity and efficacy are the two features that distinguish the rope technique from all the other astral projection techniques.

In the previous technique, we got to the point where you were beginning to perceive the tingling sensations of the etheric body which show up in the moment before sleep. These sensations can be felt pulsing at the end of every completely relaxed exhalation of breath.

Now let’s go further.

As per the name, you must visualize a rope or rope ladder hanging from the ceiling above you while laying reclined with your eyes closed. Once you have a firm, clear visualization of this robust rope or rope ladder hanging down toward about our chest area, you are all set to begin.

We are going to begin climbing. We are going to start by feeling for the sensations of the etheric body, and focusing on feeling the subtle sensation of our etheric arms.

Initially, the subtle, tingling sensation is most likely going to be felt most strongly in your stomach just below your belly button, and in your hands & feet.

In case the sensation isn’t strong enough to hold on to, you can spare a few moments directing your awareness back and forth along the surface of your arms.

What you will want to do is imagine the feeling of something lightly brushing along your skin, and this will cause the sensations of the etheric body to rise immediately.

You will realize that if you move your awareness to your arms, after a few seconds you should also be able to feel the etheric sensations in your entire arms from your shoulders down.

When you feel the described sensations, imagine yourself climbing up the ladder (or rope) gently, at your own pace, as if it’s real.

Decorate the image with as much detail as possible. Touch and experience the sensations of the rope you’re climbing. Feel how your hands grip it.  Climb, and as you are being drawn closer to the ceiling from which the rope or the ladder hangs let your physical body fall asleep.

When the physical body stops pulling you back in and distracting you, you’ll know that you’re asleep. Your consciousness will now be fully in the etheric body. You’re ready to explore!

Keep in mind that the physical body can still pull you in the room, so you need to keep your relaxed composure and hold your attention on the sensations of your etheric body.

Allow your mind to be free for a few moments; fly around to explore your surroundings and then bring back your awareness to your physical body.

3. The Vigil Technique.

This astral projection technique was birthed by the Mexican mystic Samael Aun Weor about fifty years ago.

What differentiates the vigil technique from the 4:00 A.M. method is the ability to do it without any planning and it doesn’t require you to alter your sleep patterns.

It’s named after the vigil state, the state of sensory awareness which we are in after a night sleep.

Samael named it that way because this is the time when you ordinarily stand watch, as it were, inside your own self.

Usually we are the opposite of vigilant at bedtime; scattered, unfocusedly ruminating on the events of the day as we drift off. This scattering is the reason we lose our awareness until we wake up in the morning.

What happens when you fall asleep is that when you break the awareness of your physical body, you connect with the subtle, etheric body. The etheric body then leaves the physical body and floats slightly over it. Hanging out from the etheric body is a silver cord that is connected with the physical body.

After a moment, a subtler body emerges that introduces you into the astral plane – the astral body. As the astral body starts travelling in the astral plane, both the etheric and physical bodies are left in an incognito state.

It is within the range of human capabilities for anybody to personally observe this entire process happening- by remaining conscious as the physical body falls asleep one can take control of the astral body.

Quite often kids do it by accident, but are usually discouraged out of practicing it, because they are told “it’s just a dream” when they excitedly tell their parents about it.

The steps of Samael’s astral projection technique are very simple.

Lay down in your bed at night as normally you do. Focus your mind and don’t let your attention slip away. Stay vigilant, and simply watch what is happening as you go to sleep. Remain watchful and engaged as the process unfolds.

When you realize that you are “slumbering”, get up. Physically get up. Without hesitation, in just the same way as if you were getting up out of bed ordinarily.

What happens is that if your physical body has already gone to sleep the body you will get up in will be your etheric double, and you will find yourself on the etheric plane, which is the subtlest level of the physical world.

The major difficulty with the vigil technique it requires the discipline to keep your awareness sharp & focused while falling over the edge of sleep. This is because this is ordinarily the time when the mind processes the minutiae of the events and situations you experienced through the day.

Share in the comments if you’ve already done astral projection or the impressions you got prior to your first try!

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?

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