How to Achieve Higher Consciousness and Be More In Tune With the Divine

How to Achieve Higher Consciousness
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Peter Deunov once said that as long as modern people still live in their own consciousness and self-consciousness, they will continuously live in fear and anxiety.

Don’t invest in your self-consciousness, but rely on what is put into your subconscious and superconsciousness.

How to Reach Higher States of Consciousness

Strive to grow daily.

The subconscious mind and superconsciousness are two poles. The one is the human soul, and the other – the human spirit. Consciousness and self-consciousness represent the other two poles – the human heart and the human mind.

An individual is at a higher or lower stage of development depending on the degree of growth of his consciousness. If one lives in a simple consciousness, he doesn’t differ much from animals. Moreover, if he lives in self-consciousness, he enters the field of sin.

Some people have already learned how to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

One has to expand his consciousness. If man’s consciousness isn’t developed enough, his ideas are dragged in the same way that sea waves drag the written on the shore.

Someone might think he knows a lot, but when a strong thought enters the mind, just like the strong sea waves, it will drag all the weak thoughts that existed before it.

The stronger the images of the thoughts are, the stronger they are imprinted in the human consciousness. That is why one can hardly perceive and keep the abducted thoughts within himself.

How to Achieve Higher Consciousness?

After you were introduced to the topic, we can now move on to looking at 7 ways you can do this.

1. Awakened Consciousness.

This requires a complete control of external and internal senses. Environment stimuli as a rule attack the external senses. The latter carries the signals to the brain and the central nervous system.

Reacting to Stimuli.

The era of heightened consciousness.

The mind of man has long observed without taking participation.

But from now on, a moment arises in which man must manifest his free will. The manifestation determines the response of the individual to the external stimuli.

When an awakened consciousness is present, your response is meaningful and adequate to the situation you’re in.

It can range from immediate action to total inactivity.

2. Observation and introspection.

This method has a close connection with the wakefulness of a person’s consciousness.

It assumes maximum objectivity in the assessment of facts and events. Our observation reveals the processes and phenomena in the world that surround us.

Our place in the Universe.

The realization we’re such a small particle in the Universe.

Introspection, in turn, gives us an insight into the processes and phenomena that flow into our inner self, including our reactions to what is happening outside of us.

Having an awakened consciousness is a guarantee you’ll objectively assess the “external” and “internal”.

Observation and introspection build long-lasting and secure bridges for environmental contact and ensure the  appropriate use of own energy for the purposes of physical health and spiritual growth of the person.

One cannot reach higher states of consciousness without the practice of those two skills.

3. Self-control.

It’s related to awakened consciousness and observation and introspection. It means mastering your reactions to external and internal circumstances and processes.

The degree of mastery of these reactions accurately reflects the degree of spiritual development of man.

Self-control encompasses thoughts, feelings, verbalism, and deeds.

With excellently commanded thoughts and feelings, the words and actions of man are quick, thoughtful, accurate, adequate, and effective. Such a mature spiritual person always feels satisfied with his expression in every aspect.

Inner peace remains inaccessible to any challenges and attack of the external environment.

Chaos in thinking and emotional matters, in turn, leads to inappropriate and inadequate words and actions that inevitably cause suffering, will it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual suffering.

It’s self-control that, in a harmonious combination with observation and introspection ensures the most efficient use of personal energy.

Self-control enables gives the soul flexibility to make the needed leap in achieving higher states of consciousness.

4. Self-education.

This includes releasing yourself from all your weaknesses and deficiencies and progressively developing your virtues.

It’s impossible to be successful without a certain degree of self-knowledge, in which one knows well enough both his / her strengths and weaknesses.

The ultimate goal of self-education is to touch and reveal the Divine Beginning in yourself and provide it with an opportunity to manifest itself completely.

It’s then that one becomes most useful to himself and to society and to the realization of God’s plan at all levels in the Universe.

Self-education is done at stages that correspond to the consecutive steps on one’s spiritual path, in each of which there is a corresponding expansion of consciousness.

Knowing yourself is a journey that lasts a whole life and is something you can’t avoid if you wish to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

5. Control of the Mind.

Excellent impact in this direction is relaxation (on its own or as the first stage of meditation) and various types of meditation.

Mexican American Jose Silva is well-known for developing a comprehensive and ever-expanding mind control method called Silva Method.

Exploring the Universe.

Expansion is like taking on a journey in the Universe. Everything feels awesome.

Hundreds of thousands if not even millions of people around the world have mastered the system and it has proven it’s effectiveness.

The core of his teachings is creating positive-minded programs.

To control your mind means not to let it dominate your soul and your spirit. Not only that but not to ignore the intuition and the inner voice at the expense of the suggestions of the rational beginning.

A properly controlled mind gives you freedom and completeness in your actions.

An uncontrolled and unmastered – on the contrary, makes you a prisoner of circumstances.

6. Listen to Your Intuition.

Intuition and inner voice are higher levels of manifestation of the human essence than the mind.

They are messages of the soul and spirit of the personality, therefore they are closer to the Divine and have priority – or should be prioritized – in the making of man’s decisions.

From our own experience, we wonderfully know that in many cases, when we prefer to listen to the voice of the mind instead of intuition, we have made a mistake and paid the expensive price for this choice.

The main rule, in this case, is the mind to follow the inner voice, not the influence of the external circumstances.

Listening to your intuition is a must if you want to know how to achieve higher states of consciousness.

7. Fast Thought, Slow Speech.

There is nothing faster than thought in the whole Universe.

Master Beinsa Douno points that the speed of thought is exactly 43.1014 km/s. An impressive number, right?

Don't rush your words.

Wise man always think before saying anything.

In this situation, it’s natural that the thought proceeds incomparably faster than our ability to dress it in a verbal form.

The wise think fast but speaks slowly. There are no unnecessary words for him. Every word falls in its place.

Spiritual knowledge teaches us that excessive loquacity – that is the misuse of the number of words – represents a totally unnecessary cost of valuable energy.

The more we talk, the more likely is that we’re going to say something unwise or foolish.

 “Silence is gold!” is an old, deeply esoteric Bulgarian fold wisdom that isn’t accidental. It’s better to pause than to say something inappropriate.

Wherever we are, whatever we’re engaged with, however tense our everyday life is, we can always find ways and means to work on the development and growth of our mind.

Instead of serving it, let us turn it into an indispensable helper on the spiritual path – a perfect instrument of the individual spirit.

We hope that these 7 ways will assist you in knowing how to reach higher states of consciousness . If you feel like there’s something you want to add, drop a comment below and we’ll gladly answer it.

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