How to Achieve Higher Consciousness and Be More In Tune With the Divine

We have received a number of requests from readers to write a post on how to achieve higher consciousness.

Hopefully this post will give you a boost!

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Peter Deunov, also known by his spiritual name Master Beinsa Douno, once said: “As long as modern people still live in their own [isolated] consciousness and self-conscious [mind], they will continuously live in fear and anxiety.”

Awakened higher consciousness knows itself to be one with life, it doesn’t operate as an isolated entity like mundane egocentric consciousness.

An individual’s stage of evolutionary development depends on the degree of growth of his consciousness. If an individual lives exclusively in mundane consciousness, they don’t differ much from animals. Moreover, if one lives in self-consciousness, they open themselves to the influence of sin.

Some people have already learned how to achieve higher states of consciousness and it is possible for you too.

Consciousness expansion is an immensely valuable endeavour which improves every aspect of life. If a person’s consciousness isn’t developed enough, their conscious mind is easily subsumed in the same way that sea waves swallow tiny objects as they crash on the shore.

Someone might perceive themself as very knowledgeable & rational, but when strong emotions enter the psyche, just like strong sea waves, they will completely drown out the comparatively weak thoughts which existed before. The stronger the imagery of the emotion, the stronger the imprint left upon the person’s consciousness.

But one does does not have to remain in low consciousness being dragged around by strong emotions.

How to Achieve Higher Consciousness?

1. Awakened Consciousness.

Human consciousness has fundamentally shifted recently. We have entered a new age where it is much easier for people to access and sustain higher consciousness. All one must do is become aware of this possibility and pursue it. Awareness of the present moment, internally & externally, is the key.

Higher consciousness can be awakened intentionally by exerting our free will. The process can be accelerated in many ways; meditation, eating more raw foods, and spending time in nature for example.

Our consciousness level determines how we respond to life. When an awakened consciousness is present, your response is meaningful and adequate to the situation you’re in. It can range from immediate action to total inactivity, whatever is must appropriate for the situation.

2. Observation and Introspection.

The efficacy of this method is proportionate to the wakefulness of a person’s consciousness. A positive feedback loop is created as our awareness grows, wherein our inner & outer observations fuel further expansion.

Introspection, in turn, gives us an insight into the phenomenal processes which compromise our inner self, including our biases & our reactions to what is happening outside of us.

Combining both techniques opens us to the realization that we are such a small particle in the Universe, yet simultaneously contain the entire Universe within our being. This paradox is possible because the Universe is a fractal.

Observation and introspection build secure, long-lasting bridges for healthily regulating environmental contact, ensuring the appropriate use of one’s own energy for promoting physical health and spiritual growth. Having a fully awakened consciousness is practically a guarantee you’ll objectively assess the “external” and “internal”; even when the honest answer is “I don’t know”.

These two skills are essential practices for answering how to reach higher states of consciousness.

3. Self-Control.

Self-control is the fruitful action resulting from observation & introspection. It entails using awakened consciousness to master your reactions to both external circumstances and internal processes.

The degree of mastery of these reactions accurately reflects the degree of spiritual development of a person.

Self-control encompasses thoughts, feelings, speech, and action.

When one’s reaction to unsolicited thoughts & feelings are excellently commanded, the person’s words & actions are quick, thoughtful, accurate, and effective. A spiritually mature person naturally feels satisfied with every aspect of their expression. Inner peace cannot be disrupted by the challenges of the external environment and the strong emotions elicited.

On the other hand uncontrolled chaos in the psyche leads to inappropriate and inadequate words & actions that inevitably cause suffering to manifest on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

Self-control enables the mental flexibility required to make the leap to achieve higher states of awareness.
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4. Self-Knowledge, Self-Education.

Success in life depends on having a certain degree of self-knowledge, in which one honestly assesses both his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Self-education includes releasing yourself from all of your bad-habits & deficiencies while progressively developing your virtues.

The ultimate goal of self-knowledge is to uncover the Divine Being within yourself and provide it with an opportunity to manifest itself completely. This is how one becomes most useful to themself, to society, and to the realization of God’s plan at all levels in the Universe.

Self-education is done step-by-step correspondly to one’s spiritual path, each step entailing a quantum leap of consciousness.

Knowing yourself is a lifelong journey and is unavoidable if you wish to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

5. Discipline the Mind.

To discipline your mind means not to let it dominate & silence your soul, spirit, or intuition. Discipline allows your mind to serve higher consciousness, rather than interfering with it.

Various relaxation methods including meditation practices are the primary way you can learn this practice.

Mexican American Jose Silva is well-known for developing a comprehensive and ever-expanding mental discipline method called Silva Method. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world have mastered the system and it has proven it’s effectiveness. The core of his teachings is strengthening positive thought patterns.

A wild, unmastered mind makes one a prisoner of circumstances, whereas a properly discipline mind makes one a conscious creator, blessing one with freedom and opening the possibility of achieving higher consciousness.

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6. Listen to Your Intuition.

Intuition, also known as the inner voice, is a higher level of manifestation of the human essence than the mind. As such, intuitions are more subtle & quiet than mental chatter; it’s often said that the inner voice speaks in whispers.

They are messages from the soul and human spirit, therefore they are closer to the Divine and have priority – or should be prioritized – in the making of one’s decisions. The general rule is: train the mind to follow the inner voice, not the influence of the external circumstances.

I’m sure we have all had personal experiences when we preferred to listen to the voice of the mind instead of our intuition, consequently we made an expensive and/or painful mistake and paid the price for this choice.

We each have an inner voice guiding us through ever higher states of consciousness.

7. Fast Thought, Slow Speech.

There is nothing faster than thought in the whole Universe. Master Beinsa Douno points that the speed of thought is exactly 43.1014 km/s. An impressive number, right?

Therefore, it is natural that thought proceeds incomparably faster than our ability to organize it linearly into verbalization. Spiritual knowledge teaches us that excessive loquacity – that is an excessive number of words – represents a totally unnecessary waste of valuable energy.

The wise think fast but speak slowly. Every word naturally falls into place. There are no unnecessary words for them. The more we talk, the more likely we will say something unwise or foolish.

“Silence is golden!”  is an old, deeply esoteric wisdom that isn’t accidental. It’s better to pause than to say something inappropriate.

Wherever we are, whatever we’re engaged with, however tense our everyday life is, we can always find ways and means to work on the development & discipline of our mind.

Instead of slavishly serving it’s whims, let us transform the mind into an indispensable helper on the spiritual path – a powerful instrument of good weilded by the individual spirit.

We hope that these 7 ways will assist you in learning how to reach higher states of consciousness. If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below and we’ll gladly answer it!

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