The Truth Speaks E.01 – Two Levels of Consciousness

Two levels of consciousness

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This is the very first post in The Truth Speaks. In this section, people through whom the Absolute Truth speaks will hold regular conversations. You will find their words containing deep wisdom and profound knowledge. We are given a wonderful chance to have a close contact with the Ultimate Truth. Keep in mind, words are incapable of picturing what cannot be described.

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Two levels of consciousness

“A state of enlightenment is achievable here and now…”

“… deep transformation of the human consciousness – not like a far distant opportunity, is accessible right at this moment, whoever and whenever you are.”

Eckhart Tolle

[mks_dropcap style=”circle” size=”70″ bg_color=”#f2e646″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]W[/mks_dropcap]e’ll look at two basic, however completely different types consciousness in which we can experience reality. If we look from a different angle, the levels of consciousness can be seen and understood as countless and infinitely expanding, with each one having its own features, fineness and characteristics. For the purpose of maximal clarity and your immediate practical benefit, we’ll schematize and simplify the examination without claiming completeness or perfection of the analysis. We are guided by the understanding the one seeking Spiritual Transformation is needed a minimum knowledge and maximum clarity.

We talk about the well-known for everyone consciousness – the personal, inharmonious level of consciousness and the unfamiliar, inflowing transpersonal Awareness.

1. Consciousness of the personality

The trait of the personal consciousness is the entire outer manifestation. It means living “reality” as external without any recognition of an inner plan. Even if we manage to look “inside”, our personality makes it through “outer” experience. The fixation on the outer necessarily leads to its qualification, classification or labeling known as blameworthiness.

Condemnatory thinking ( feeling ) is directly related to the entirely external awareness of the world. Needless to mention, reprehensibility rests on exceptionally one-sided, limited, ignorant viewpoint. Blameworthiness is non-acceptance of “reality”.  We emphasize – personal consciousness is deeply non-accepting by nature. It’s a consciousness of survival, fight and everyday struggle.

Non-acceptance can have myriad forms and varieties. A “negative” form of rejection can manifest as intolerance, disagreement, opposition, struggle, resentment, discontent, anger and their countless shades and ranges in pain. On the other hand, “positive” rejection is all forms of ambitions, aspirations, demands and desires. Desires are caused by rejection of the current moment and are equally poisonous, aggressive and destructive as any open discontent. For the simple reason, the desire is content by its nature. Desires are a product of a deeply-rooted personality delusion that only “favorable” external events can make us “happy”.

The concept of “happiness”, depending on external events, is particularly distinctive for personal experience and is very illusory, misleading and hard to comprehend. Buddhists say: “Who seeks happiness will find misfortune.” Why? It’s simple – striving for happiness in external occurrences, makes us subject to the whims of events. The deep rejection of the personality to accept life itself can be understood as a rejection of the current moment, reluctant to be here and now. The intolerance towards “now” is usually manifested in desires for future occurrences and being stuck in past work. The intolerance towards “here” is experienced as haste, hurry for somewhere, dreams of being elsewhere and other hyper activities.

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1.1 Pain and suffering

Experiencing the various forms of pain and suffering is a specific feature of the personal consciousness. The personality generates and consumes pain round-the-clock, as part of it craves and loves the painful, dramatic, terrible and everything unnatural. The personality has created a culture of pain, a suffering civilization and if someone doesn’t believe it, let’s look at our history and see what events dominate. Look at the prevailing themes of whatever genre you choose. Recall what is predominantly written in the books, what is the mood in the music, look at the titles or the ads of movies, open up a news website, switch on your TV and examine the channels. A culture of drama – personal, political, economic, historical, sports and everything that comes to your mind.

But let’s put aside the culture, history and civilization as a whole and check what dominates in our personal experience. Look at your relationships with relatives, friends, colleagues and strangers. Are they more or less okay ( we’re not saying perfect )  or deeply traumatized and eventually painful? Here we outline the traits of rejecting others, being competitive, overvalued or undervalued self-assessment, vibration of painful rivalry. The illusion of pain is so distinctive for the world of personality, many teachers accept the human consciousness as a “pain-body”. Distorted, malformed, dysfunctional, sick, disharmonious consciousness of the personality raised an afreet in each one of us, known as “ego”.

1.2 The ego

The ego with its entirely destructive nature, inherent for all of us, is hungry for all sorts of negativities and pain. The hunger for pain will periodically show up as external. The ego being loves creating drama and pain, satisfying with low vibration; equally aggressive and hostile to ourselves and the outside world. Behind every bit of pain, drama, tragedy in every individual stands the ego – a monster producing and eating pain.

What are the instruments of the pain that the ego uses to terrorize us? Some will say it’s the mind with its limited understanding, false beliefs and stuffed in prejudices. Others will point our emotional beginning as the oppressor that subjects us; our motivations are subject to our emotions and every emotion in the end is a type of pain. Even seemingly serene and joyful emotions are only the “positive” pole of the same psychic, unbalanced energy. Surely, our emotions and thoughts interact and strengthen together. There is a strong, profoundly negative program in us enchaining with a uniform experience – a mechanism known as karma.

1.3 Fear

What is the most basic, starting energy, vibration or more likely emotion that stays behind every form of soreness, so characteristic of the illusory existence of the personality? The fear. In this sense, it’s not wrong to accept personal consciousness as a consciousness of fear. Behind our pain, negativism, disharmony there is a basic form of fear. A fear coming from the feeling of isolation, abandonment; a result of breaking the connection between the personality and Spirit that once existed.

From energy point of view should be known that the unbalanced, inharmonious personal experience is associated with the permanent loss of mental strength and energy. We literally waste and lose our power and energy in outer events.

1.4 Awareness

How to find out where we are located in the scale of consciousness?

Through only one way: Awareness. Being constantly aware and monitoring the thoughts, emotions, actions occurring in the present is Awareness. What do we radiate? What do we attract? The ongoing Awakened Awareness in us and its reflection in the reality is a priceless spiritual tool. Awareness literally transports Spiritual Light of our transpersonal layers here – in the world of the individual by spiritualizing every aspect of our life. It’s not easy for a person who used to live in unconsciousness, spurred by erratic emotions to become suddenly Conscious and Observing. But it’s indispensable if we are at least a little attracted to the idea of transforming our mind.

1.5 How to achieve Awareness?

There is no other way except by making efforts. A lot of work waits to be done and it’s our own duty. Spare no efforts. Build the habit of Observing; Observe what you think, what you feel and the way the reality corresponds back to you.

How to unerringly recognize that our consciousness is anchored to the unbalanced, inharmonious mental-emotional personality layer?

The first cardinal and unmistakable sign that we are in our ego is the experience of any form of non-acceptance. Let us answer gently, sincerely and honestly questions like: Are we reprehensible towards people and their qualities, manifestations and experiences? Are we intolerant? Do we hate, envy and compare others to us? Do we argue? Do we hold on being always right, to talk down and outshout “others”? Are we sarcastic, ironic? Are we haughty and arrogant or vice versa – tiny and compliant?

This list can go on forever. I think you understand what I am trying to come across. Rejection is always pain or its expression; two sides of the same thing.

To summarize the above: Observing the degree of rejection to ourselves and the outside world is enough to understand clearly our level of consciousness.

A particular form of Wakefulness and Awareness is the interpretation of what is happening in the current moment. If there are “troubles” in your life, such as incidents, misunderstandings, diseases, conflicts, lack of finances, depressions, quarrels and failures of any kind then it’s highly likely that you are not in a harmony state of consciousness. Reality very accurately displays the status of our minds; everything that happens is an important and precise sign. In if our lives, things are pretty calm, balanced, opportune and “everything is fine” then we certainly manage to live in a hygienic, balanced state of mind.

Now, let’s examine the second level of consciousness with its nature of a Harmonious, Balanced and still new to the Earth Consciousness, which is becoming more accessible and achievable. Living in an Enlightened, Spiritual, Balanced and Prosperous way, we succeed in eliminating the pain from the sense of life, achieving a lasting personal comfort. Our Harmonious Consciousness creates and attracts harmonious “external” reality without our thirst and striving.

2. Harmonious, Transpersonal, Accepting Consciousness

This is the second level of consciousness. The fundamental and inherent quality of the Harmonic, Transpersonal Consciousness is Acceptance. That’s why the only needed Spiritual Lesson we need to learn and deeply integrate is the ability to Accept. All other spiritual qualities are secondary and originate from the quality Acceptance. Compassion is based on deep Acceptance, Gratitude is the highest form of Acceptance, Forgiveness is the rejection of Non-Acceptance, Unconditional Love is the air the Accepting Consciousness breaths. All spiritual qualities derive from the main source – Acceptance.

The concept of Acceptance is extremely simple, clear, accessible and understandable but in the meantime it turns out it’s exceptionally difficult to become Accepting in reality. The lesson of Acceptance is seemingly simple but when it comes down to the needed transformation of our mind the task becomes hard, sometimes painfully slow and strenuous. The inner path to the Accepting Consciousness is a long and challenging process. We easily understand the Truth called Acceptance but have hard times integrating it within us.

2.1 What is the path to Acceptance?

Myriad roads and probably every Spiritual practice can achieve Accepting Consciousness. There are many approaches and ways but the path is actually only one; The Doctrine is one: transformation of the non-accepting, personal consciousness of pain to Accepting, Enlightened Consciousness of Joy. The path is in our inner world, it’s transpersonal; we should not seek transformation through emotionally-mental way. On a mental level, it’s enough to now this minimum of Truths and observe ourselves. That’s all. The mind is not capable of accomplishing a deep, genuine change; it lacks sufficient power.
The path to personal transformation, whatever the approach, always passes through a Connection with our Higher Consciousness.

Only the Spiritual plan is in a condition to transform us to a Harmonious, Accepting Consciousness. The more we integrate Acceptance in us, the deeper we manage to connect with our Higher Consciousness and more confidently channel its Vibration. And vice versa – the more often we are in contact with our Spiritual Presence, the more Accepting we become. Our presence in the energy environment of Spiritual Vibrations unnoticeably turns us into Accepting. That is the reason why many people who meditate, practice yoga or observe themselves become more “calm”.

Note: the path to an Accepting, Enlightened Consciousness includes Contact with our Spiritual beginning. Connecting with our Higher Consciousness, we are confirming a Harmonic, Accepting Consciousness.

2.2 How to be Accepting?

The minimum prerequisite is to be aware, awake and observant. To be present in our actions and know in every moment what is our level of consciousness. The truth that Accepting enlightens us is so powerful that being aware of it has the power to transform. However, the actual path to an Accepting Consciousness is like we said before – to make contact with your Higher, Spiritual Consciousness.

2.3 How can the experience of an Accepting, Enlightened state of Consciousness can be characterized?

Deep, inner peace, joy, comfort, prosperity, grace, support, blessing. Here we make an important clarification. Don’t confuse the wonderful moments of “outer” satisfaction with the joy of a Harmonic, Accepting Consciousness. The well-known “outer” delight we are familiar with cannot replace the Joy and Comfort experienced in an Enlightened State. The Accepting, Harmonious, Enlightened Consciousness is unconditional and dominion over us without being affected by external events. In other words – the Harmonious Consciousness is a powerful way to experience profound happiness no matter what. Sooner or later we realize it’s not that hard to call in our lives moments of Acceptance, Enlightenment. Yet it’s not in our power to be permanently in Harmony but if we consciously attempt to call the Accepting Consciousness it will answer us albeit briefly.

When a person resides in an Accepting Consciousness, besides the deep Comfort, his thoughts become remarkably quiet; thinking literally stops without efforts. In moments like these, the mind is much more fresh, powerful, efficient and robust. Our emotions fade and subside; we are in deep well-being and comfort in which there is no place for anxiety, fear, loss, sadness, resentment and pain. In moments of an Accepting Consciousness our desires, ambitions or requests simply take off elsewhere; they are replaced by a deep confidence. The presence in an Accepting Consciousness is mildly a very peaceful feeling in addition to being highly healing. Plus, it attracts a similar “outer” reality. In short, life becomes what it’s meant to be – joy. Imperceptibly our power and energy is being given back to us; we become complete.

2.4 How to know what is our level of an Accepting Consciousness?

The most important feature is that all the negativity and soreness in our life, gradually disappears. Emotional crises become more superficial, rare and mild. Non-accepting and negative thoughts haunt us less frequently and we manage to easily observe them. We stop seeing people, events and situations in an unpleasant way. Sooner or later we realize we live without pain. The mirror of reality doesn’t miss to reflect the Change. The energy we radiate to the world returns multiplied. The good things in life increase. Even seemingly small and insignificant details can be a source of joy.

2.5 Is the road to an Accepting, Harmonious and Joyful Consciousness easy?

No, it’s not easy. We need to work on ourselves. It takes a minimum of dedication and perseverance in carrying out various spiritual practices leading to moments of Acceptance. Over time, it becomes increasingly easier to recall moments of Enlightenment. But, overall it’s difficult to integrate this New Consciousness in the everyday life on Earth. Just when we think we have achieved progress then something “external” provokes us to reject, to knee-jerk emotional reaction, a characteristic of the old consciousness. This process of “going up and down” can continue for many years and be discouraging and painful. As if the Spiritual plan is constantly “sending” us such challenges to check how we progress. Through these moments of unconsciousness and imbalance, the Higher Consciousness “sees” in us all the fortified resistances, blockages and low energy. In this way of thoughts, each and every one of us who advances in the Transformation process should expect small “exams” and “tests”.

2.6 An exercise for reviving the connection with your Higher Consciousness

Establish a maximum deep and powerful connection with your Higher Consciousness as much as you can at the moment. Repeat several times clearly and unwavering in your mind: “I am connecting with my Spiritual Being.” or just “I am connecting.” Wait for a minute or two. You will probably feel Peace and Ease. Even if you don’t feel anything, know that deep inside you are really connected. Then simply affirm something like: “I call the Accepting, Illuminated Consciousness.” You are really connected. Or just say several times the word “Enlightenment”. Wait some time and don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel anything special at your first attempt. Repeat this practice patiently in the coming days. Note that you don’t pray to anyone, you just command and order the Energy in what condition to be.

How we feel depends only on us and the way we order Energy is the way it will respond.

From all we wrote, the message is simple: Feel Good in a High Way. Nothing else.

The principle of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Same, but different words expressed Lennon, “All we need is Love.” This is the meaning and thought of Dostoyevsky: “Beauty will save the world”. If we want “good and beautiful” world, we must first find it in us. The only way to be Really Good is the extremely High.

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