What is Synchronicity And How to Manifest Synchronicity

How to manifest synchronicity?
What is synchronicity?

Psychologist Carl Jung, defined synchronicity as a coincidence in time of two or more, unrelated events which have the same or similar meaning.

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For me, synchronicity is aligning your leading thoughts and feelings with life.

A lot of people say I keep seeing 11:11, 22:22 etc. Do you wonder what does it mean? Is this just a random event?

You see, mathematics is the language of the world. Everything is based on numbers and numbers don’t lie.

11:11 is a gateway, a portal; it helps you remember who you are. It’s also a way of entities communicating with us in unseen realms. 11 is a master number in numerology. It represents the visionary. Seeing this number means to be in alignment in what you’re going through.

11 equals 2(1+1). 2 is contrast, duality, doubt, so you’re always seeking, analyzing, questioning your reality. So, if you’re seeing 11 that is a sign you’re beginning to question your reality because things just aren’t adding up, but also it’s a sign that you’re becoming more conscious of the world around you.

Synchronicity is all about how the inner becomes the outer, how our thoughts, psyche shape our reality, how the mind can mold this physical reality.

22 is the master builder. It’s the architect. It’s also used in masonry. Because these are the higher sciences that now we’re beginning to see govern everything in existence.

33 is the world teacher. It’s higher consciousness.

The power of positive/negative thinking

There are people who support the theory that synchronicity is simply directing your thoughts to an idea and this make it real. Believers in this theory of synchronicity think that this applies
to both the positive and negative events in our lives.

I find this partly true. Why? Because synchronicity is not just about positive or negative thinking. It’s about life experiences, it’s about how you feel within yourself. Because it’s all based around the law of attraction, we don’t attract what we want, we attract how we feel.

Let me make it clear, I don’t belittle the role of positive/negative thinking here. In fact, I believe thinking plays an important role in shaping our future, but that’s not everything. How you feel is an integral ingredient of the recipe of how to become your greatest version.

How to manifest synchronicity?

Synchronicity means alignment in everything. And it’s all based on numbers.


Many times when we talk of synchronicity in using it in our lives, the way to create more meaningful synchronistic experiences is to be in the present moment.

That means to raise you awareness. To live here & now. But that hasn’t been always easy.

A lot of people are caught in the trap of either being in the future or the past but never in the present moment. Neither the future nor the past can bring the value the present moment can offer you.

You have to learn to live in the present moment and to do that, meditation can help you. Meditation has worked out well for me in raising my awareness, but you have to check it out yourself and see what best works for you. That’s because we’re all different.

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As I said, how we feel is of importance if we want something to happen.

Many of us, are stuck in low and negative emotions, such jealousy, fear, judgement, anger. These emotions don’t serve us. They actually block our path to our desired reality because the energy we emit while being caught in their trap is low.

The more you raise your frequency, the more synchronistic experiences you shall have. If you’re in a low vibration, you won’t have much. Being in a state of negative emotions lowers your vibration and you’re not fully able to notice the numbers all around you.

What I found for me to work great is eating plant-based foods. It cleanses your body, mind and helps me raise my vibration to a whole new level.

Let me hear your ways of manifesting synchronicity. Do you experience it? Or you believe that it’s only a coincidence?

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