How to Read Signs And Omens in Everyday Life?

Have you read the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho? A brilliant guide of how life could go if you recognize, interpret and follow the omens God sends you.

There is no chance that you didn’t notice how omens and signs can guide a person in the right path of life.

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Probably you’re here because the life of the young shepherd who embarked on a dangerous and rewarding adventure, left a indelible impression on you.

You see, signs, omens, auguries, portents do exist, only if we can spot them.

How to read signs and omens?

What are they? There are various theories and various types of omens or signs. When you must make a choice in which direction to take, they appear as a natural process to help us make the most correct, from the perspective of Nature, decision.

However, often we don’t notice them. We let glorious opportunities slip by, only because we don’t believe in them or even if we recognize them, we’ll neglect what we see, purely believing it’s a coincidence to occur.

To see omens you need to be connected with your intuition, and, of course, a gentle lift in the level of consciousness, of vibration. For this purpose, you must look around, be alert or as it is said, to be awake.

Sometimes omens come as flashes or under the form of an event that appears to carry no significant value.

Due to our raised vibrational/ energetic level, however, we see them as a sign. At this point, a person makes a connection with his higher self and intuitively understands what the right decision in that situation is.

In enhanced spiritual practice, omens commence to come often and become clearer. In a more advanced stage of the Path, there is no need of signs, as the answer appears directly in the mind of the question we search.

In case, you didn’t notice the signs, there are methods/sciences such as astrology, dowsing, dreaming, opening a book with a question, etc that can help you recognize them.

Another way to try to increase your vibration level is by opening to life and fulfilling spiritual practice every day.

Little by little, this practice will help clean up the dirty glasses of life and see clearly signs and omens and the path, they point us.

But, you mustn’t forget that all this are auxiliary means, enabling to know yourself better. As it’s said in “The Alchemist”: The Entire Universe shall assist the man who follows his Personal Legend.

And remember, to have omens in your life, you must want and seek them, or they won’t appear.

If this information wasn’t enough for you, or you just want to learn more about how to recognize signs and omens, the issue is well-examined in the book “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield. I have to say, reading it and practicing, I had some interesting experiences.

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