How to Read Someone’s Mind and Be a Better Communicator?

how to read someones mind

Curious how to read someone’s mind has brought you on this page.

I have to tell you, don’t try this at home!

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When I say mind reader, what pops into your mind? Probably a street magician asking you to pick a number from 1 to 10, you say seven and they may still get it wrong.

Empty your mind because what I’m going to discuss with you is a lot different from picking random numbers – it will help you form better connections with people.

A lot of times, we think mind reading is about control, manipulation.

Actually, mind reading in its highest form is about forming intimacy with someone else. It’s where you both create more liberation through an authentic connection together.

The ability to look at someone and through their words, emotions, body language know their mental terrain, their mental mindset is what we call emphatic accuracy.

If you’re intuitive empath you’re capable of doing it.

Sometimes you pick up a bit too much of what someone else is going through but how much of it is accurate?

How to Read Someone’s Mind?

First of all, spend more time with that person.

See how their day goes.

Spending time with someone is very important, because you get to see how they behave in different situations.

Not only this but also what they’re going through at certain times in their lives.

In psychology, this is called acquaintanceship affect. So, if you spend 1 month with someone, you’re going to be a better mind reader with them compared to if you spend only a few minutes with them.

But it helps because that forms more intimacy. You can empathize with what they’re going through because you have that information, you’re not a complete stranger.

The second tool is through body language.

Over 90% of communication is non-verbal.

The great social psychologist Amy Cuddy talked of high-power poses – arms stretched out, feet on the table, you walk around with a head held high, you’ve got full confidence. On a molecular level, testosterone increases.

Just by looking or observing someone’s posture you can tell if they’re stressed or not.

You can do that also through someone’s breathing. If they breathing from the base of their spine, it means they’re more relaxed or are they breathing very shallow and fast. That is the key indicator that they may have a lot on their plate.

Be Better at Deciphering the Signs.

The body never lies. People say eyes are the windows to the soul, but what about the pupils are the windows to the mind.

Observing the pupils of someone, you can learn what they are going through mentally.

A lot of psychological studies have been done on this. For instance, when you’re thinking too hard, your pupils are going to dilate.

The great psychologist Walter Hess proved this with an experiment. He asked people very difficult questions and saw how their pupils dilate.

But, he also saw that when the brain is overloaded, the pupils actually constrict.

So, whenever you see someone who has a lot of problems going on in their life, look at their pupils, you’re going to find their pupils constricting.

Also, through showing people pictures of injured people, he saw that they are shocked, so their pupils widened but then they constricted because they wanted to avoid seeing those kind of images. You can easily grasp what someone is going through.

Another great psychologist, Robert W. White, confessed that there is a great way to know how to read someone’s mind and see what they’re really thinking of you.

He conducted an experiment where he read 3 different books to a group of people. The first one was about eroticism, the other one was about mutilation and the third was of some neutral information.

Initially, people’s pupils would widen because they’re curious about the new. But the people’s eyes only remained widened when they showed interest in whatever he was reading.

How to Put the Knowledge Into Practice.

Here’s a practical example.

If you want to know if someone is into you or you want to know someone is interested in you – look them in the eyes, don’t be afraid.

If you see their eyes dilating that’s a good thing. Also, if someone is turning you on or you’re turning them on their pupils are going to dilate.

We can tell so much because the eyes reveal our innermost secrets.

Another tool that can help you get in someone’s head is voice.

The voice tells our emotional and mental state in a very clear way. The tone of our voice, the pitch, the pace, how fast we speak are all clues.

If someone is speaking very fast, that’s showing us they’re maybe agitated at something, but if they’re speaking in a slower, calm way it means that they have more inner relaxation at that moment.

Once you become a better listener, you become better at reading others thoughts.

There are mirror neurons in our brains, so when someone smiles you want to smile back, when someone is grumpy we naturally want to act grumpy.

So, if you want to understand someone’s mind you have to make sure you’re relaxed because once you’re relaxed people can open up to you.

The mind is famous for having strong healing abilities on the body.

Be Like an Oracle.

In ancient times, oracles were aware how to read someone’s mind. People would often consult with them because they knew better than them what their threats were about.

Oracles were in total peace. For instance, if you are very tense when you’re around someone they mirror your tension. Therefore, it makes it harder for them to open up to you, so you’ll never know what’s going in their mind. Once you’re relaxed, you become more receptive to whatever they have to tell you.

In a nutshell, that’s how to become a mind reader.

Just realize it’s all about spending more time with that person, looking at their body language but also the pupils, are they dilating or are they constricting, the tone of their voice and asking people how they feel.

All these so-called “methods” allow us to create better connections with others.

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