The Truth Speaks E.04 – Three Modalities of Awakened Doing

three modalities of awakened doing

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“We watch with amazement the words coming out from the mouth of enlightened people, but cannot realize whole life what they are saying.”

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Inner Outer Peace we’re experiencing a unique event in the history of human development – our consciousness awakens from the dream of form. A dream in which we consider that only outer objects exist and life consists of doing in the level of materiality, forms.

What do we call awakening? In our personality, as well as in the well-known “external” life, a new for our senses and perception Spiritual Awareness is entering. An unknown and for the first time experienced harmony flows via us towards the world, towards our occasions. Only if we allow this harmony to enter. She is real Presence here on our extremely old, expanded, harmonious level.

Harmony brings with it a fundamentally another class of energy, never existed here; she comes from a perfect world where previously our access was denied. That harmonious consciousness is not just Present – it changes and transforms everything it touches into harmony.

The 2 opportunities.

The first one consists of continue doing things in the old manner, ignoring those new circumstances. Given the harmonic changes, however, we should be aware that our old, inharmonious consciousness of the personality – ego becomes increasingly dysfunctional and poorly manifested. Harmony has a transformative pressure on disharmony; both exist now exceptionally. The disharmonious is doomed to transformation; its days on Earth are counted.

Staying in the old consciousness is a sure path to disaster, not only in personal but in social and global plan. If we continue as usual, in the ego, we refuse to introduce evolution. We’re actually denying our survival and it’s our right; each choice is respected.

The other opportunity we have is to survive and continue the evolvement. To survive we have to evolve; the evolution is a jump in consciousness.  Eckhart Tolle calls “awakened doing” the outer aspect of the next stage of the evolution of consciousness on our planet. According to him, the awakened doing is the harmony of our external goal – what we do, with our inner goal – Awakening and appears as the outer aspect of enlightened consciousness.

Our consciousness won’t lose in the forms – the well-known doing is devoided of completeness and awareness. Through us, the New, Harmonious Consciousness is flowing into the outside world and treats it through transformation. It flows into our thoughts and emotions and inspires them. Fills with power what we do in an unknown way until now.

Not what you do, but how you do it determines whether we’re fulfilling our destiny. And how we do it depends on the state of our consciousness. The doing becomes awakened when its fundamental goal is the doing by itself or rather the stream of consciousness, that enters it. Our level of consciousness in a moment of doing determines the quality of doing. Whatever we do, the primary factor is the state of our minds; the situation and what we do come second.

Tolle says: “Future” success cannot be separated from the consciousness, which creates action. This awareness can be as the responsive force of the ego and the conscious attention of awakened consciousness. All truly successful actions emerge from the field of conscious attention, not from the ego and unconscious thinking.”

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The three modalities of awakened doing

According to Tolle, there are 3 ways or modalities our consciousness to merge awakening, harmony, awareness in what we do and via us in the outside world. Three ways in which the new consciousness flows through us in the world. Under “modality” is meant the nature and frequency of energy that we flow in our affairs. What we do would be with impaired functioning and product of the ego, if none of the 3 modalities is present. Each modality is appropriate to certain situations and can change at different stages of our lives.

The modalities of awakened doing are acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. Each has a specific frequency of vibration of consciousness. We should be aware if any of the modalities is present in the things we do. If we aren’t capable of acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, we certainly create suffering for ourselves and the others.


The absence of joy, let alone enthusiasm in what you have to do in a given situation, the only road leading beyond suffering is adoption. Assume for the moment, the way things are and you need to do a certain things without delight. The deeper we Accept, the more Consciousness and hence Treatment flows in our situation. Acceptance is not apathy and passivity, but a power which imports something completely new and powerfully creative in our world. If we’re not in condition to bring acceptance to what we do, the only thing left for us is to withdraw from the situation in a way common to us; usually by stop doing. Better stop doing something that we cannot accept.

In this, there is no struggle and resistance, we simply assume that in the given situation we cannot accept and stop doing. Doing without acceptance, enthusiasm or delight leads to suffering and naturally is better not to practice. Accept or cease doing, there is no middle option.

If we continue doing in non-acceptance, we aren’t responsible for the only thing we can take responsibility, and it is the only thing that matters: the state of our minds. The degree of acceptance in our lives, and generally the ability to accept reflects on the extent to which we actually possess transcendent, beyond personal quality wisdom. Acceptance is super wisdom and equivalent to enlightenment.

To see how true it is, call Accepting, Enlightened consciousness. Simply say: “I Call Enlightenment” or “I’m in Enlightenment.” Notice what you feel; these levels of consciousness are directly accessible and achievable as experience.


Enjoyment or joy replaces a desire like motivation. New to Earth Consciousness enters through the joy, unlike the old consciousness of the ego, which is willing and ambitious. Delight connects us with the Universal Creative Force, for the simple reason that The Creator is not just Happy, He is Joy itself. No need to wait for something meaningful in our lives to enjoy it; Joy is accessible in every moment and is independent of what is happening. We do not need “successful” things to be happy; rather the reverse is true – to happen “success”, we should be happy.

Tolle says: “It is more likely in your life to be a positive change on external level, if you can enjoy what you already do, rather than wait for something to happen, thanks to which you can enjoy what you do. ” Joy is not due to what we do and isn’t derived from it. It springs from our depth and can be infused in our actions if we have the awareness. The pleasure comes not from external things or something that is beyond us. Joy is deep, natural and inherent in our condition; it springs deep within us.

The world cannot give us joy and happiness, that’s why the external search is doomed besides being naive and ignorant. We can actually enjoy any activity or situation in which we’re fully present. In this way, we’re not dependent on external things, but on the degree of connection with the real in us. What we truly enjoy is not the action itself, but a deep sense of vitality flowing into the underlying action. Everything that makes us happy while doing it connects us with The Force which created the world.

How to let Delight enter into the dull routine or downright uninteresting but necessary everyday activities such as ironing, driving, cleaning, laundry or other household monotony?

Tolle suggests a powerful and working method. Maximum Awakened Awareness and Presence in the deepest possible level in doing. Understanding the essence of the things we do. Awareness of every object, movement, action; awareness of our body, our sensations. Sooner or later, in the doing, flows a trickle of peace, joy, deep inner dimension of life. Not the effect of doing, but awareness of doing itself is the essential purpose; The pleasure comes from the Awareness, Spirit, not the result.

It’s paradoxical that the result doesn’t matter for enjoyment, but to get quality results we need the infusion of joy in the process of achieving it. Doing what we enjoy the most, without infusing ambitions and expectations, we practice a powerful awakened doing. Letting ambition or some form of personal validation in the doing, we pollute and literally defile our lives and the life of others; this is 100% working recipe for suffering.

Joy, delight as a level of consciousness is accessible to everyone. Just say, “I call the energy of Joy” or “I Call Delight, Comfort, Ecstasy” and see what you feel.


Eckhart Tolle defines Enthusiasm as a state, in which we experience a deep joy of what we do, plus the element of purpose or vision, which we strive to realize. The goal, added to the simple joy of doing something favorite creates a qualitatively new state of consciousness, loaded with huge Spiritual Creative Power.

Enthusiasm is a form of awakened consciousness and expresses deep delight, loaded with the joy of life. Here we make a clear difference between the fundamentally different state of ego consciousness when we’re highly ambitious of an ultimate goal for personal gain; а joyless battle without a sign of delight. If there is an element of stress in the doing, we’ll come out of the joy of pure enthusiasm and infuse ego. Needless to emphasize that the infusion of ego in the doing, creates suffering and we automatically move away from Harmony, The Creative Beginning of the Universe. “If we fight” or “work hard” we create poison and pain; the efforts of achievements are not just poor, they’re killing.

At the same time, nothing great, lasting, valuable and significant isn’t achieved without the help of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an ingenious way through which Divine Joy flows into our world. Enthusiasm is lightness, a powerful expansion; You only need to mount the wave and be in ecstasy. We don’t have to do things alone, help flows to us from everywhere.

Tolle says: “Unlike the ego desire, which creates opposition, directly proportional to the intensity of desiring, enthusiasm never creates confrontation. It’s non-confrontational. It doesn’t create winners and losers. It’s based on inclusion, not the exclusion of others. And does not need to use and manipulate people, because it’s the very creative power and drains power from nowhere, but from itself.”

Enthusiasm and ego cannot coexist. If there is one, the other cannot be. Enthusiasm knows where it’s heading, but in the meantime is in deep unity with the present moment, the source of his life, joy, power. It wants nothing because it doesn’t miss anything. Via enthusiasm you enter in harmony with the evolving, creative principle of the Universe, and you’re not identifying with the works, in other words, without ego. When there is no identification, there is no attachment – and attachment is one of the major causes of suffering.

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