How To Strengthen Your Psychic Empathic Abilities And Bring Awesomeness Into The World

Let us talk about the psychic empath and how to strengthen your empathic abilities.

For those of you that do not know, a psychic empath is a person who is able to pick up what is going on within others emotional field without even trying.

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Last week, we wrote a great piece of content for you to see if you are an empath or not.

What can be considered crucial in honing your intuitive senses is the capability of holding an image for a long period of time.

For the empath, it is an intuitive ability to contact their spirit guides or to connect with their higher self and acquire information that surpasses the physical senses.

However, many empaths struggle to hold on that information for long periods of time and actually understand the nature of what they have received.

The unique thing about meditation is that it creates the marvelous opportunity to connect with Universe, to connect with the Source energy through a conscious intention.

The higher knowledge that passes through the subtle cord between you and the Universe can feed your soul but we are rarely able to inhibit it long enough in our mind to realize it in its fullness.

In many cases, you as a psychic empath will receive tiny fractions or a few mixed visions and that you need to put in considerable efforts to bind them together and extract the value of the information from them.

Other times, you might get some messy emotions, feelings or sensations but you are unable to read why they came through and how they are interconnected. You might kind of hear something for a split second but it’s too short to really make anything tangible with it. You might even access higher knowledge but it’s so fleeting and light that you have a hard time distinguishing if it is yours or if it’s from the psychic realm.

How to Strengthen Your Empathic Abilities?

Once you learn how not to absorb other people energy, the next step is to devote to expand your intuitive faculties and train yourself to increase the focus of your attention.

Every psychic empath has a unique way of dealing with things. An efficient approach to train yourself to sustain your psychic vision for long periods is to create a mental image in your mind’s eye and test to see for how much time you can poise it in your mind.

Although it may seem like a task for newbies, holding a sensory focus from several moments to several minutes before being distraught by the mind requires fantastic efforts.

The human mind is quite changeable and loves to hop from one topic to another without letting you choose if you want to think it. The ego of man is constantly looking for a way to be in a position of power or to pump up its pride or to be in control of the situation. Our goal has always been to separate from that part of us.

In order to develop your empathic psychic abilities, sustain a mental picture of an object for a minimum 15 seconds. You can adjust the seconds to your own choice based on your current level of focus and work your way up through mindful breathing every day.

Try to not only increase the seconds you exert into maintaining an image in your mind but to picture in as much clarity and aliveness as possible. As it is said countless time with many things, it is not about the quantity, it is about the quality.

But do not worry, as you put your efforts in making the mental picture as clear and as vivid as possible you will adjust unaware to doing it for larger periods of time.

Within your first week of doing it, visualize a simple colored dot or a spiral, with a color of your choice, be it a color you are drawn to advance considerably. When you start to making encouraging progress, you can make the practice more fun and beneficial in the meantime by decorating the picture with extra details.

To improve your empathic abilities, it is important that you go for a simpler object in the beginning to a more detailed one. After a week or two of constant practice, you will be amazed at how good you have become in keeping visual focus when tuning into things. Because by the time you notice it, you will have a clear, vivid psychic vision from your higher self or spirit guides that you connect to. The blurry or vague pictures will be replaced with colorful and lively pictures.

When you teach yourself to hold your vision for longer periods of time, the ability to extract more information will improve too.

Further Possibilities To Turn Into A Great Psychic Empath.

Another brilliant way to hone your empathic abilities is to concentrate on keeping an emotion in your heart. This way you nurture your intuitive side and you keep a positive emotion within your heart.

A positive emotion could be the wonderful feeling of deep affection or of fondness that is capable of absorbing the whole heart, mind & body. The emotion can feel like a breathing organism and it can feel loving and as lightness.

Pursue to charge yourself with this feeling and spread it around every corner of your body. You want to be able to hold it there for as much time as possible and to silence your mind to allow your kind and powerful intuition to present itself.

This type of exercise is perfect for empaths who wish to deepen their intuition faculties through visualization or through experiencing emotions.

Every second that you spend in flourishing a positive emotion in your heart space counts. It does not improve your capacity to decipher more complex information coming through the spiritual medium but to feed your soul with it for longer periods of time.

Why this empathic ability serves you well is because when you encounter a negative person like an energy vampire or a narcissist that perceive you as a pray to their energy cravings, you will experience no problems connecting with your heart, your intuitive side and to effortlessly recreate the emotion you have practiced, thus creating an invisible barrier through which the presence of energy vampires and narcissists cannot penetrate.

The power to immediately tap into a safe and loving environment within you at your command is priceless. That is exactly what holding emotional focus offers to you.

And as everything else, you can refine your skill by amplifying or implementing further minor details to your mental object or by increasing the beauty of the emotions that you are feeling.

Amazingly, you can introduce a variety of emotions into your heart space. You can welcome kindness, you can welcome appreciation, you can welcome affection and arrange these emotions one over another like several coats of emotions and see how much can you hold at the same time.

Last but not least, you can inform yourself about the endocrine gland and its state by the time you hit puberty, where an awful and somewhat unknown process of crystallization occurs, leading to losing your psychic power ultimately. Here is a post that can help you counter the effects of crystallization.

The Reward of Developing Your Empathic Abilities.

Sustaining several emotions in your heart space or mental objects at the same time gives birth to your own multi-dimensional consciousness.

Traditionally, our brain is accustomed to interpreting things in a linear way. However, developing a multi-dimensional consciousness, on the other hand, makes it possible to work with multiple things at the same time.

A multi-dimensional consciousness refines the ability to maintain one feeling in your physical space to several independent from each other feelings, to hold several ideas inhabiting your mind.

And that is what learning how to sustain your psychic focus teaches you – multidimensionality. That is the way to advance your clairvoyance abilities.

The fascinating thing about this exercise is that it is not only valid for clairvoyance but it is also applicable to other innate spiritual gifts.

Clairaudience is one of the many empathic abilities that can be enhanced by drawing your attention to sounds and voices from your immediate surroundings. The Solfeggio frequencies are a unique sacred set of music sounds that you can use to begin your clairaudience journey. The Solfeggio frequencies resonate deeply within our nature so we are prone to hold our focus a little bit longer.

Claircognizance is the subtle psychic sense of knowing things clearly. Like with every other psychic ability, the key is to bring your focus at the present moment for as much time as you can. You can enhance the empathic ability claircognizance by shifting your attention on sustaining a still mind, uninhibited of thoughts and fill it with an image of pure crystal energy. That way you will make room for the intuitive claircognizance information to flow in and your conscious mind to step aside.

Every person has innate spiritual gifts. And for most people these abilities are deeply dormant, they are deeply paralyzed because of inactivity. To make claircognizance come through, draw your focus upon clarity, quiet the rumble of the mind, capitulate your mind, dissolve your ego and you will gain the exceptional chance to touch something that exceeds the physical senses, the magnificent frequency of the spiritual world.

It’s really a lot about surrendering the conscious mind and allowing the unconscious mind to come forward.

The moment you become aware that you are extracting higher information outside you, originating from the psychic realm, all your doubts whether you are capable to handle it, to understand the information will vanish. Your higher self or your spirit guides will connect to you and assist you in comprehending and the usage you can put the new information into.

Your higher self can help you to decipher what are the takeaways of the messages you are getting and how can you apply them to your current situation. And do not worry if you will lose your connection higher self. We have a post on establishing a connection with your higher self.

As for last words for today, if you are facing difficulties with understanding the visuals or information that you are receiving, there is a high probability that it could be from the absence of an attention to the spiritual world and unused empathic abilities.

On the bright side of things, with a bit more practice of your mind and emotional faculties, you will increase your capacity to sustain your focus and to maintain one state easily to channel cosmic knowledge and tune into the intuitive part of you.

Essentially, your focus establishes the subtle link between you as a receiver and the psychic dimension as a sender. It is of prime importance to constantly practice and hone your skills to tune into the psychic realm as when you do not from a higher dimensional perspective your being, which is perceived as pure energy, twinkles from strong to faint and it is a challenge for your spirit guides or higher self to send you complete, greater information as in one moment you are there and the next you are gone.

Developing your empathic psychic focus to appear long enough in the higher dimensions for your spirit guides and your higher self as strong twinkle energy will not only solve your earth problem of meeting project deadlines, being on time, getting things done but will generally make you wiser and increase your vibration to help the world be a better place.

You do not need a special regime or schedule to do this. All you need is to do it once to twice a day at a time comfortable for you. As you advance, you will notice that you have accessed psychic information before but were unable to differentiate it from your thoughts or simply your ego took credit for it. Your emotional body and mind will become much more stable and still of the thoughts flowing in from your spirit guides or your higher self once you start strengthening your empathic abilities.

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