Are There Any Astral Projection Dangers That Threat Your Safety While Astral Traveling

Are there any astral projection dangers? Is astral projection safe? Can you die while astral traveling? Can a demonic encounter take place? Is astral projection a sin?

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We hope this post we will clear up any confusion and fear surrounding these topics. As always we aim to provide you with a realistic view of how things in the astral dimension truly are, unobstructed by the traditional religious perspective wherein astral travel is deemed to be a sin, or by the new age perspective wherein everything in the astral world is deemed to be love and light.

First of all, what is astral projection?

Astral projection practice is the art of meditation taken to abysmal depths, where your consciousness manifests itself outside of the usual confines of your physical body and into another, a less corporeal dimension of reality.

Compared to the physical world, the possibilities of what you can do in the astral world are limitless. You are capable of bending the laws of physics at will, kind of like Neo in The Matrix.

If you are a witch, magician, pagan, or lightworker there is a high chance that you are attracted to astral projection.

People who have never tried this form of consciousness exploration stigmatize astral projection as dangerous and demonic. But how could people know it if they have never tried it or if their claims are based solely on one or two amateurish experiences in their entire life?

Let’s dive into the common questions.

What Are The Astral Projection Dangers You Should Be Aware Of?

Being of greater vibratory density, the “atmosphere” in the astral plane is far more malleable by consciousness. What that means is our emotions and thoughts are far more influential than in the ordinary physical world.

There is a wide variety of shades of consciousness on the astral plane, ranging in ascending order from adverse and toxic to neutral to blossoming.

In order for you to be able to perceive and communicate with another being, you must be on the same frequency within the same space. In essence, if you know how to keep a high vibrational frequency, you are unlikely to encounter the slow, negative, parasitic beings in the spiritual realm as your vibrations do not match theirs.

But be warned, if you are on an ego trip and perceive yourself to be vibrating higher than you are, you will still be matching lower frequencies. You can fool yourself, but you can’t fool your vibration.

So there is danger for people who are highly toxic & selfish. They simply will not have the innate ability to raise their vibration to the swifter rate of needed to enter the higher planes where oneness, wisdom, liveliness, & serenity thrive, nor be able to meet and talk with those of us who inhabit the higher planes of consciousness.

The dangers of astral projection lie only in predominantly operating in your lower nature.

Suppose you approach astral travel with a purely selfless intention, that you find a great sense of fulfillment from being of service to others, then you are more likely to access higher planes of consciousness.

But if you enter the astral realm in a state of fright, greed, malice, or lust consequently you will only be able to inhabit the lower levels as you personally vibrate at a slow rate and find yourself unable to penetrate the higher levels of love, oneness and serenity. Though do not despair if this happens to you, with practice you can consciously raise your vibration back up again.

As we mentioned before the environment of the astral dimension is susceptible to change by our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. For that reason, while we are there our inner state will be reflected outward like a movie projector.

Basically, we are affecting the astral realm whilst at the same time forming our own experiences. Therefore we need to be vigilantly conscious of both our state of mind and our emotional body since it will define what level of the astral realm we will bring into existence and deal with.

Lacking self-awareness will moreover determine whether or not we are prone to be manipulated by parasitic, vampiric spiritual entities. Malicious entities are attracted to people whose current state is characterized by malice, dread, greed, and lust.

The actual out of body experience dangers arise only if we harbor feelings of malice, dread, greed, or lust because parasitic beings will be drawn to this as an energy source because it matches their low vibratory energy. Then once they have attached to you they will work to keep your vibration low to keep the juice flowing. On the opposite end of the polarity exist beings who are sagely and tender, who appear transparent and dwell in the greater astral realms.

Can You Be Hurt or Killed During Astral Projection?

The fascinating thing about astral projection is that the possibilities in the astral world exceed our imagination. It is the same place we go during our dreams. But when you astral project there from a deep meditative state you are exponentially more powerful there than if you were merely unconsciously dreaming.

The physics works like in your dreams, so you can easily have superhuman powers such as levitation, flying, transportation, shapeshifting.

Crashing on a solid surface is not one of the actual astral projection dangers.

You can find yourself crashing on a solid surface, after falling from the sky tens of thousand miles but you will still stand up and have no sign of injury. If you are floating underwater or through outer space you will not need a special suit to breathe. If you walk through a fierce fire, your body engulfed in flames, you will feel heat but not pain. You are able to run at sonic speed.

While astral projecting, if you happen to have a demonic encounter, you can swiftly fight and beat the demon as you know it cannot hurt or kill you unless you allow yourself to be conquered by terror-inducing projections. And even if that happens, like when you get too frightened in a dream, you will interrupt your connection with the astral world and bolt up in your bed, scared, but safe in the physical realm again.

Demons can try to scare you off by shapeshifting into huge, frightening monsters or lure and manipulate you by disguising themselves as a being of light. If you can pick up their intent, you will easily make them drop their mask.

Once you realize that the most powerful weapon of dark entities is fear, you will become practically immune to their influence.

To Be Safe From Any Astral Projection Dangers You Need to Be Centered While Entering and Exploring the Astral Realm.

The astral realm represents a link between the physical world and spiritual world.

As in the physical world, in the astral world there are beings that are highly spiritually evolved, who contact those of us with virtuous intent and share wisdom with us to help guide us on our path.

The other class of beings is those who are masters in the craft of evil, who are insidious and dwell in the lower planes of consciousness. Just like the first ones, they too share information and guide us but only to those of us who match their vibration. Often they encourage those people to seek powerful political offices or media influence in order to spread amongst the masses fear, hate, greed, and gross physical lust in place of love and unity.

The key to creating beautiful and safe out of body experiences is to understand how the astral world functions and to approach it with virtuous intentions and as being free of any harmful emotions, thoughts and feelings.

If you feel like it, you can learn certain mantras so that the demons and dark entities cannot reach you.

The biggest danger when having out of body experience is not dying in the astral world, as it will only result in waking up, but rather it is being a prisoner of energy depletion from low vibratory entities. This can and will occur if we are not standing confidently in our higher self, if we have holes in our aura or if you willingly give a spirit consent to do so.

Plant the seeds of mindfulness in your daily life and your relationships with others as this will act as a mirror of your experiences whether in this world or any other. Nurture yourself and do not allow negativity to take a toll on you.

And lastly, regardless of whether or not you want to enter the astral realm based on what you just read, remember that we all do it spontaneously every night even if you record no memory of it. The various methods for out of body travel merely make it possible to consciously experience it.

If you have any questions the types of astral projection dangers, please comment below and we will be happy to answer you.

Until next time!
Inner Outer Peace

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  1. So, if you enter the astral plane with the intention of gaining wisdom, is that considered a selfish desire?

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Yes, that’s a selfish desire. However, this doesn’t prevent you from doing it unless you allow the ego to get in your way. Just try to be in balance, the mind and the heart to coexist in the space, and listen to what your inner voice tells you.


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