How to Unlock Your Mind And Unleash Your Limitless Potential

In this article, we’ll put our effort to try and answer a question bothering the minds to many of you – how to unlock your mind power so you can reach your full potential?

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The human brain – a topic which throughout the course of history, evokes more questions than answers.

In recent years, scientists are continuously doing experiments with the idea to explore and unveil the secrets of the mind.

You might have heard publications saying we use around 4-5% of our actual brain potential. A few only use a bigger percent than that.

Albert Einstein used presumably around 8% of his brain power. We regard him as one of the smartest men ever to walk on Earth. 

Think about for a second how different life would be if we the discover how to utilize the power of our complex brain.

We’re still making small steps in this direction. The potential of the mind is so vast that we might not be realize that yet.

Today we work more towards unveiling the complicated mechanism of the mind.

For that reason, we now bring you 3 techniques you can use to boost your brain performance and enjoy a better life.

1. How to Unlock Your Mind: Accelerated Learning.

The majority of us puts significant efforts and time to learn something.

Imagine for a moment that we could comprehend everything with ease, without rereading it repeatedly.

No matter in what area of life you specialize at the moment – being a salesperson, student, pupil, you can use your mind power to facilitate the process of recalling information. Furthermore, this will lead to an increase and deepen your understandings of the material.

For this technique, you need to use a recorder. A good option is your phone recorder.

Now, assume that you have to remember and comprehend some detailed piece of information. A test is coming, or you’re learning the basics of how to trade.

All you have to do is read the lesson aloud while in the meantime recording on a device of your preference – a laptop, telephone or tape recorder. Once done, you can stop the recording. 

You can listen to it whenever you want and concentrate on your voice.

Scientists proved that the retained rate of information is larger when one is listening, compared to when reading.

And here’s where you can influence on your learning – by entering in your subconsciousness. When you have accessed the preconscious your abilities multiply and learning becomes a no-brainer.

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2. Entering the Subconscious Mind: Unlocking Your Brain Complexity.

If you have taken our advice and read the article on delving into the mind, you’ll know it’s possible to influence the process of retaining information.

Through meditation, one can slow down the brain operation.

During the day, we’re in a Beta state of mind.

However, when we calm the brain, we can dive into lower frequencies where we perceive things in greater depth.

A simple 15-minute meditation can do the work and put us in Alpha brain waves.

When you’re in Alpha, you can return to your process of learning by running the recording you’ve made and retain everything with ease.

If you’re new to meditation – be sure not to distract yourself when using the hardware as it can quickly bring you back to Beta consciousness. 

3. Creative Dreaming – A Magnificent Experience.

Creative dreaming is said to increase person’s awareness.

Many people claim they don’t dream and that isn’t absolutely accurate.

Whether we remember or not, one thing is sure – we visit the astral world during our sleep.

Being deprived of the so much needed sleep, emotional and psychological problems will start to surface.

Dreams come to help us realize something about our life. They carry a message which we should find out what it’s telling us to do.   

If we’re doing something wrong, dreams can point us how to handle a given situation.

Having bad dreams happens because they usually carry a special message for us.

4. How to Creative Dreaming.

One of the essential things when decoding your dreams is the ability to recall them.

And doing this in conjunction with an open subconsciousness, the effect tremendously increases.

So, how can you have dreams full of ideas, colors, and imagination?

Just before you go to bed, sit and try to do a short meditation. Set an intention when meditating, by telling yourself: My desire is to remember everything tonight.

Grab a pencil and a list and place them on your nightstand. This way, you’re telling your subconscious: I’m serious about it!

The moment you wake up, write down every detail you can think of while you slept.

After several days of doing this activity, you’ll be able to write down your dreams in a much greater detail. Thus, making it all much easier to understand your visions during the night.    

Now that you’ve worked on your ability to translate messages from the astral world, you can start putting work.

Before falling asleep, meditate about a problem you know it bothers you. Visualize the solution of the situation coming to you. Be eager. You can program your mind with the words: “I wish to see the answer to my problem. I’ll remember every piece of information needed to figure it out.”

Wake up and think about what could be the solution given you during the night.

You’re the Master of Your Life.

You’re the one to interpret your dreams. If you come into this with the right mindset, you can not only materially advance in life but most importantly, to ascent spiritually.

Being patient and working with yourself in the astral world, you develop your mental abilities.

All these little steps can lead to a great comprehension about the abilities of our minds.

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