Five Psychic TV Shows You Don’t Want To Miss!

This article expresses the personal views of the author of the presented list of psychic medium television shows that are capable to keep you on the edge of your seat through the entire time.

As a deep believer in the psychic realm and the interconnectedness of things, spiritual life can be pretty rewarding.

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You undertake the hero’s journey and dare to believe in something greater than yourself; something which is not easily perceived by the five senses.

This thought alone is quite frightening, frightening enough to push people into dark caves of denial and skepticism to avoid the awkward and quite frankly scary realization that life is so much more grand and mysterious than we could have ever believed, and that our brains will never be able to understand it entirely. This confrontation with our inability to truly understand is what pushes some of us into the arms of skepticism.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle of being very in tune with your spiritual nature is just now catching on, which means that at times it can still be tough for us to feel represented in our wider society.

These five psychic TV shows not only allows us the privilege of having something psychic & spiritual to relate to, but it gives us a medium through which we can further experience, ponder and learn about aspects of the psychic realm through representation.

These five are a must watch!

America’s Psychic Challenge

Developed by Lifetime, America’s Psychic Challenge explores the existence of psychic phenomena by recruiting 16 psychics out of 100s who were interviewed to take part in a series of psychic challenges in an effort to win USD 100,000.

What deeply resonates within me about this concept is not only do you get a chance to actually hear from real people who display psychic inclinations, but you also get to discern the liars from the tellers of truth! You have an opportunity to sympathize with the critics and the skeptics as you encounter some persons who really seem to be phony and they give people with actual psychic abilities a bad name.

Through being able to empathize with our critics, we empower ourselves and persevere to follow our truth despite everything.

Some of the contestants, however, are really special and spectacular as they provide us with proof that there is truly more than meets the eye.

What’s also great about this psychic TV show is that some of the challenges involve the psychics trying to solve crimes where they actually get a chance to help out the family members of the victims, often by providing much needed closure. They channel the dead and send messages of love and longing to their loved ones; how cool!

Stranger Things

I know that the whole world and probably even multidimensional beings have seen Stranger Things, but this list of psychic TV shows just would not be an interesting and heartwarming without it.

For the few people who haven’t watched Stranger Things, the series are set in the eighties in a Midwestern town in the USA by the name of Hawkins.

A group of kids gets caught in a mysterious other dimension referred to as the “Upside Down” as one of their friends becomes trapped there!

The only person who can help them out is a mysterious little girl who goes by the name “Eleven”, who has been raised in a government facility as an experiment used to explore and exploit the psychic realm. The bad guys try to train her and use her psychic powers for evil, but she escapes and crosses paths with the group of boys who need to save their friend.

Her talents include telekinesis and locating people with her mind.

Not only do you get a real taste of the possibilities of getting in touch with your psychic abilities, but the series makes you emotional as you come across the loyalty and love displayed by the close group of friends and practically everyone in the town of Hawkins.

The cinematography is great, the music is spectacular and you’ll really feel like you’re reliving the 80s. It’s available on Netflix.

The 4400

The 4400 is a psychic television show that follows a group of 4400 people with no connection to each other that were abducted by extraterrestrials. But get this, they return to Earth years later with different psychic abilities. If I could describe this series in a few words I would say “out of this world”; literally!

When the characters are brought back decades later, nothing is the same. Some of them have to battle the grief and pain of the fact that their loved ones have passed away as they were not there with them. The series highlight their struggle of reintegrating with their new but familiar surroundings.

All things considered, the special effects aren’t that cool, bearing in mind the tight budget. But on the whole, this doesn’t take away the fact how captivating these series are for the viewers watching in front of the screen. If you have the habit of looking up reviews for movies and television series to watch before you that like I do, you’ll see how addicted the fans are to this series.

This sentiment is a great metaphor for those of us who have experienced any kind of spiritual or psychic awakening. You recognize where you are and the people you’re around but at the same time, everything is totally changed. You see everything differently and it’s practically impossible to relate to those around you and to your environment.

The psychic faculties the abductees display range from precognition, being able to exist in different dimensions, possessing superhuman strength, weather control and much more. All in all, I personally love this psychic TV series because of the wide array of psychic phenomena to explore and the stories of the challenges of the 4400 abductees reintegrating into their now not so normal lives.


Medium paints a picture of the life of a mother of three who can talk to the dead and predict future occurrences through her dreams. She uses her powers for good to help detectives in her area to solve a various number of crimes.

Challenges arise as Allison needs to rally the support of the detectives, most of which don’t believe in her abilities. This leads her to make risky decisions on her own when she is adamant about solving a crime she predicts that others might not believe due to a lack of concrete evidence.

One big plus about this psychic series is that there is no stretching of the plot – it gets straight to the point!

For some series you may have to “give it a chance”, but not for Medium. You get hooked on watching the very first episode!

What truly baffles me about this particular series is that it shows you the chief significance of believing in yourself and your perceptions of reality and what you know to be real. There are a lot of people out there whose minds aren’t open enough or even just simply ready to understand information of this nature. If you aren’t strong willed it will get to you and you might miss out on the most rewarding personal journey of your life. Stick to your guns.

Monica The Medium

Monica The Medium is a psychic reality TV series about the life of a regular college student who happens to be a medium. What’s very special about this show is that it takes you around the real life of a real person who is a medium. It’s believable, relatable and extremely admirable. This show portrays a picture of possessing psychic inclinations a lot more acceptable for the wider public. Her confidence as it relates to living her truth is contagious and it really inspires those of us who are afraid of being criticized and put down by skeptics.

You get a firsthand experience of how Monica uses her psychic abilities to touch the lives of others. Love has its highest expression in giving as Monica uses her ability as a medium to express love by helping people in her daily life. She provides closure for loved ones of those that have passed into the other world, facilitate the process of finding emotional relief of any inner conflicts her friends could be battling and much more.

My favorite thing about this series is how real and genuine it is. She’s just a regular old college student who’s trying to use these special gifts she’s come to accept and love. The representation is both comforting and inspiring as it shows a physical example of a person who fully embraces their psychic abilities despite all the negative things one might face from the world at large.

These five psychic TVs shows are sure to give you a lot to think about.

I’m confident in the fact that you will not only find them incredibly entertaining and intriguing, but they will surely add to your experiences with the spiritual and psychic realm.

If you analyze the hidden messages in each series, you have the opportunity to come out more confident than you were before in following your life path despite what others might think. And you might even find that through relating to the parts that catch your attention, you are able to pinpoint areas that you might need to develop which you never previously thought of.

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