How to Know If You Are Psychic? 9 Symptoms of Psychic Abilities That Will Tell You

Most people live their entire life disregarding, misunderstanding, and consequently ignoring any symptoms of psychic abilities their spirit happens to manifest.

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There is a reason for this – lack of public awareness and negative public opinion about non-physical phenomenon spurred by current popularity of scientific materialism. Pressure from societal stigma buries down in the back of the mind every magical, paranormal, or extraordinary experience such as sensing other people’s thoughts, experiencing precognition, or even apparently bending the laws of physics momentarily by effort of consciousness.

Usually, dismissing these expressions of your innate nature leads to outer manifestations of suffering. Because your direct connection to the source has been relegated to the back of the mind, your conscious mind will be left deeply confused about why you keep attracting negativity and suffering. You’ll be stuck wondering if Life is randomly picking on you or if you inherited bad karma from a past life that you are paying for now.

Additionally, these experiences cannot be fully reintegrated into the psyche without a sufficient knowledge framework to hold them. Scientific materialism, by pushing these experiences to the fringe and stigmatizing them as illusory and delusional, also limits access to knowledge frameworks incorporating spiritual experiences, which are important for sensitive people to properly make sense of their experiences and thrive.

Fortunately with the new influx wave of energy that is waking up a lot more people in recent years, a grandiose, upward shift is being made in the collective consciousness of the planet towards psychic sensitivity. Likewise there are more people like us eager to share & distribute awareness of useful knowledge frameworks.

One of the questions we need to ask ourselves is does everybody have extrasensory abilities?

Reality is that everybody is a psychic to a certain extent. However, that doesn’t mean that most of us have the psychic gift like the great mediums or psychics of our time such as Allison DuBois who was starred in the famous TV series “Medium” . Not everybody is a painter like Rembrandt or a musician like Mozart but everybody has a small part of it in them.

Listed below are many traits of psychic sensitiveness which can indicate that you are more sensitive than average and have a divine gift.

9 Symptoms of Psychic Abilities & How Knowing Them Can Ease Your Life

1. You feel physically unwell for no apparent reason.

It might seem as if life is just picking on you. But the origin of the issue usually lies in the spiritual realm; a result of unprocessed energy in your spirit body.

The energy densifies into physicality after the countless unconscious efforts on your part to conceal your psychic nature from the judgmental gaze of society. Gradually, the spiritual pain grows larger and moves further down the chain of your being, spreading to your physical body and causing physical ailments.

Telltale symtoms include experiencing moments of distress with no obvious cause, feeling as if you lost your spirit, feeling uncomfortable in the presence of other people, having repetitive headaches, cognitive memory lapses, or even complete shutdown and reboot of the brain! All are sure signs that you are suppressing and neglecting a part of yourself that wants to naturally come out in the open.

This neglect affects every area of your day-to-day life. Especially your ability to communicate with others and to carry out your work efficiently, thus creating a vicious cycle where you feel the solution necessary to return to a state of balance always escapes you.

One of the ways to help yourself if you suffer from depression or higher levels of anxiety is saging. Saging enables you to reclaim your inner serenity and purge anything that doesn’t serve your highest good, regardless whether it’s a dark energy or whether it’s an earthbound spirit. The daily practice of saging is quite helpful for feeling like yourself again.

2. You used to have an imaginary friend as a kid.

This is a definite sign of psychic abilities that simply cannot be omitted.

As children, we are all more susceptible to the world of magic; we are more in tune with what the mind’s eye can see, so it is quite normal to make an invisible friend. You probably (used to) have conversations and play games with someone that you didn’t realize was a spirit other people  couldn’t see. However, when growing up the chemical balance in our brain changes and we lose the direct, pristine contact with the spiritual world.

And although this gift disappears from most children around the age of 9 or 10, others continue to have it and it will most likely stick with them for the rest of their lives.

3. You are sensitive.

A reader wrote to us saying: “a psychic told me I have psychic abilities” but was doubtful if this was true or not.

This leads us to the next point in our list of exhibited symptoms of psychic abilities – hypersensitivity.

As our intuitive side is strongly connected to being sensitive, there are many levels of sensitivity you can display. For example sensing whether the food you eat is organic or lacks any connection with nature, having allergy towards dust, animals, flower pollen, to gluten, or also resistibility to electronics. In an era where we’re surrounded 24/7 by electronic devices, if you feel that the energy emitted by a laptop, Wi-Fi, TV, or phone affect your energy field then this is another case of hypersensitivity.

To combat the stress and flourish the positive symptoms of psychic ability, plant the seeds of mindful breathing and of being mindful of your actions by exercising the power of focused presence in the Now.

When you let mindfulness wrap all the layers of who you are, you will gain the ability to tunnel that intense energy flow, that constant incoming information flow to an acceptable and bearable degree. You will be able to weed out any unnecessary psychic downloads.

Another way to help yourself is to distance yourself from the narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths in your friends list, instead surround yourself with kindred spirits that think and vibrate on the same level as you do. Quite often it happens that close family members are energy vampires who drain your life force more than anyone else you know. What you can do is limit the time you spent with them and when you must interact, keep the amount of energy you give to a minimum.

4. You have sporadic moments of déjà vu.

This feeling is that strange insight of knowing exactly how a situation will play out, like you dreamed it before or it has already happened to you. Some people go as far as having déjà vu about an event, unaware that it will indeed play out in 20 years time.

This type of knowing can sometimes surprise you, for example when something big happens and everyone is shocked and stunned by it- only you feel calm and somehow instinctively know that this was the way it was going to happen.

5. You feel an increasing pressure in the area around the center of your forehead that ideally aligns with the Third Eye or Ajna Chakra.

Whatever happens in our energy body, in our energy centers – the 7 chakras, will have a corresponding physical response.

A growing pressure in the center of your forehead is a physical response to a spiritual event. It’s a sign of emerging psychic abilities or also called clairs such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and many others which match your degree of spiritual advancement.

The physical feeling is an echoing result of the overstimulation of your third eye chakra. You can treat yourself with homeopathic remedies to soothe the pain if it’s too unbearable. Homeopathy is recommended when the prescribed allopathic medication stops the pain but as a side-effect closes your third eye and numbs your psychic sensitivity too.

6. Your dreams carry a mystical element.

The Universe communicates with us through our dreams.

One of the uncontested symptoms of psychic abilities is having a link with the world of the dead. We already mentioned that some of us keep this gift of seeing spirits in daylight while for others it degrades.

However, this doesn’t mean the connection is entirely lost. In most cases, the ability is transferred to the dream realm.

Has it ever occurred to you that someone you have a special bond with appeared in your dream to convey a strange message, leaving you with a sense that something is not right?

Then when you wake up you find that this person has departed the living the previous day. You will be prone to these types of profound visionary dreams especially if you are a deeply emotional person who thrives on deep relations with others.

7. You have a strong connection with nature.

At the end of the work week, you get an inclination to go out in nature, to spend some time among the beautiful atmosphere and peaceful sounds of trees, rivers, and birds.

This way you naturally forget about any issues at work and lighten the burden off your shoulders which you constantly drag around. When you come back home, you feel like a brand new person.

Nature replenishes your energy fountain; makes your aura stronger by repairing any holes in it so that you’re more spiritually balanced and aligned with yourself and those around you.

8. It’s easy for you to instantly connect with others on a deeply emotional level.

Whenever someone shares with you a sad or a happy story, you immediately resonate; you catch that vibe of theirs and experience their pain, sorrow, joy, or whatever else as yours, the same way they are going through it.

This is one of branches of the psychic world called empathy. This extends to feeling bad in crowded public places as you get bombarded by others emotions and energy fields. Many empaths find it difficult to bear crowded public places because of these rapid mood swings.

Having multiple layers of information coming your way can be quite overwhelming. You intuitively feel that you need to unplug and block things out, to slow things down due to having your senses overstimulated.

9. You lucid dream.

Another sign of psychic sensitivity is having vivid dreams. This comes to you when you’re doing the things you are meant to be doing, when you respect yourself and your intuition, and when you’re deeply balanced.

If you devote your attention to lucid dreaming it can grow into consciously accessing the astral world. The astral plane is a place where you can set your mind to whatever you like and to manifest it immediately – for example you can travel at the speed of light, you give yourself inhuman strength, or create any circumstance to experience. Your imagination is the only limit!

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if there’s something more going on.

Understand where you stand – what is your degree of psychic advancement – by exploring the above mentioned symptoms of psychic abilities.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to learn how you can protect yourself, how can you use your divine gifts.

Tutor yourself on what’s going on in the psychic realm so that negative emotions, energy vampires and the like, cannot bring you down anymore. The more you go on this journey of self-discovery, the more you will get a grip on your intuitive sensitivity and not be so vulnerable to negativity.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?

2 thoughts on “How to Know If You Are Psychic? 9 Symptoms of Psychic Abilities That Will Tell You”

  1. Sometimes before i fall all the way asleep i shut my eyes and feel as if i start to focus on different places while my eyes are closed and im still awake.I start to see outlines of objects and then i start focusing on places ive never seen before. Like im really there in a room or someones house ive never been to. Then i get freaked out and open my eyes.

  2. Yes, I’m certain that I was a clairaudient as a toddler and child. My first communication came into my crown chakra. It was a voice of an authority which calling me by name but not getting into what it said later as an infant I had a shock which made me loose the clairaudient side of things. I’ve had lots of ups and downs in life probably more failures. My parents would say it’s just my imagination. Sometimes I’ve horrendous nightmares and suddenly wake up and feel quite weak. And yes, I did have an imaginary friend.

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