6 Symptoms Your Third Eye Is Opening and You’re Reaching a New Stage in Your Spiritual Development

We’ve previously spoken about the pineal gland, but we haven’t discussed yet some of the third eye opening symptoms that many of us are experiencing.

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What is the third eye? The third-eye is the Ajna or the Brow Chakra, located below the center of your forehead and slightly above the eyebrows.

For the eastern teachings, the power of the third eye is something anyone can acquire and actually feel. According to yoga teachings, the pineal gland or the eye of knowledge is the sixth chakra in the human body. Reaching a certain stage in spiritual development triggers the process of it cracking wide open.

Even in ancient times, the third eye is described as one of the most important parts of the human body, the bearer of powerful abilities.

Today we know this part of our anatomy as the pineal gland.

Dealing with spiritual matter, the third eye is a topic one cannot pass by.

It is said that the third eye is related to still unexplored human abilities, which we can reach with the so-called inner voice.

6 Third Eye Opening Symptoms You Could Be Experiencing.

1. Heightened Senses.

Some of the rewards of opening your third eye are awakening dormant abilities.

Clairvoyance is connected to seeing things which aren’t there, things which are invisible to the physical eyes.

You are starting to think more deeply about what is in front of you.

Your old image of looking superficially on things is scattering and you realize what you see is only a fraction of what actually exists.

Therefore, you begin to raise your frequency, your consciousness is starting to change. 

Clairaudience is another ability observed with an awakening third eye.

That’s the ability to hear things which have not been said. You’re able to perceive inaudible frequencies. To hear the tones people are not uttering because you’re able to tune in that special frequencies and experience it.

Clairsentience is about being able to feel other people’s emotions. This is what we call the intuitive empath.

It’s common for intuitive empaths to have an opened third eye that gives them this ability to feel what the people around them are going through.

And that’s not easy because a lot of people are going through a lot.

When you embrace those gifts your life will change in a positive way. 

2. Not Just Believing But Knowing.

There is a saying – trust your own experience, not the words of others.

Many people have a great hunger for information, for knowledge. They want to know the truth, to know more.

We have so many belief systems.

What is the problem of just believing? If someone tells us: “That mountain over there is amazing.” We repeat what they have just said without experiencing it for ourselves.

That way we can easily fool ourselves by believing what others are telling us. Remember that each of us is different and one thing can be perceived in million ways by other people.

That’s why knowing is a first-hand experience. You have to go through it, you have to feel it. That is to know, it is your own experience, not someone else.

Wanting to know things to their bottom is a sign your third eye is opening, you’re now questioning your reality.

3. Meaningful Synchronicities.

Meaningful coincidences. You’re seeing synchronicities as meaningful events. You’re now beginning to realize there are no accidents.

In the grand scheme of things, everything is held together by a mathematical design.

Your third eye is an ending of the duality of this world.

When it’s opening, you’ll realize there are no colors – black or white, there are no races, all triviality disappears.

In essence, experiencing the manifestation of synchronicity, means stepping into your true power because you’re dealing with synthesis, not separation.

The greatest illusion ever created is the one of separation.

So when of all these amazing synchronistic experiences happen you realize there is a deeper reason they are happening and as we change our vibrational frequency, everything aligns to that same frequency.

4. You Begin to Become More Health-Conscious.

Many people hold the belief that belief: “Food like food. It doesn’t matter what it is, only if it’s labeled food.”

Many are absorbed into thinking that there is no difference in what we put in our mouth and for that reason joyfully get everything they could get their hands on.

But as time is passing by, though, a seed of awareness is growing in our minds and we’re becoming more conscious and start to give importance to the fact that it does matter what you put in your mouth. Especially in modern times when we are flooded by fabric goods.

Picking the right food, the so-called “health-conscious” food helps you develop inner clarity, greater consciousness, and increased wisdom.

When your third eye is opening, you appreciate all life forms. You begin to take care of the planet but not just becoming a consumer but by becoming a contributor by helping uplift the vibration of the planet.

5. Increased Sensitivity to Light.

With the third eye awakening, you can develop greater sensitivity to light. And the colors to acquire substantially brighter appeareance.

In the beginning, this process can be barely noticed.

On the other hand, precisely through light we get access to things which haven’t been visible to us to this moment.

In a situation when we’re meditating, when we put our focus on the sixth chakra, we can feel its light.

The mystic light of the third eye is spoken in many different teachings around the world.

This theme is addressed in works of art as well as in canonical religious images.

In a more in-depth study of these works, we detect the presence of ball or starlight light forms through the clouds.

Along with increased sensitivity to light, there is a tangible change in eyes.

Over time, one begins to feel a physiological need for a large amount of sun energy.

6. Gradual Change.

While the third eye unfolds its full capacity, our perspective and personal manifestations change. This leads to the pursuit of constructive transformations in man.

The metamorphosis is most visible in our attitude towards others and manifests itself as tolerance, patience, sympathy, lack of envy and enmity, and above all, as true pure love.

Experts claim that bad headache is also a feature of activation of the third eye.

This pain is associated with a high pressure in the head, just between the eyebrows.

Sometimes the pain decreases and even disappears, but it undoubtedly creates a serious discomfort. The reason for this is probably energy overload. In moments like these, a walk or meditation are beneficial.

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3 thoughts on “6 Symptoms Your Third Eye Is Opening and You’re Reaching a New Stage in Your Spiritual Development”

  1. I have been into meditation, yoga, natural diet and doing Reiki for many years. In the last few months I have a very visible pinkish circle between my eyebrows. At first it would appear when I meditate and focus on my third eye. Lately, it is there all the time. Anyone else experiencing this or have any input as to the nature of this perfect little circle?

  2. A few of these I have been experiencing for several years, while another few I am just starting to experience…

    This is very encouraging for me, as I was concerned I used fluoride toothpaste for too long. At 58 years old, I realize most of these I have been experiencing for many years! I have not, however, had light sensitivity headaches; at least not in the areas mentioned.

    I’m very encouraged after reading these six symptoms, and realize mine is more active than I realized!
    Thank you for the post – it’s really enlightening!

  3. Ashiviah Fleming

    I hit all these.. Wow.. I’m happy for my journey. Recognizing this really helps with the symptoms.. Thank you..

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