3 Techniques to Open Your Third Eye And Discover Your Infinite Potential

Third eye opening techniques.

Today, we are going to share with you some third eye opening techniques as an opportunity to go below the surface of the superficiality and explore a whole new reality.

Life would be extremely dull if we continuously a repetitive manner day and day.

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Your third eye or pineal gland is also known as the third eye chakra.

Your third eye is used for having psychic visions, being able to see into the future, it is what you use for how to see spirit guides, how to see angels and it is also what you use for how to see auras.

3 Third Eye Opening Techniques to Become Aware of Your True Abilities.

1. The Rubbing Technique.

You take your index finger and you want to rub it gently in a counter-clockwise position around your third eye in a circle.

We are going to do this for just a few moments here. Keep rubbing it for about five or ten seconds.

What you are doing right now is awakening your third eye.

What you want to do next is close your eyes and visualize an eyeball right in the center, right there where you were rubbing between your eyebrows.

Visualize that eye and imagine moving the eyeball up and down, left and right, round to the left or round to the right and imagine blinking a few times.

This should sparkle some sensations in the third eye area.

You have activated it and now you are opening it.

If you practice that every day, eventually you will get to the point where you will be able to see as good as that eye as you can with your physical eye. So with your eyes closed, you will be able to see very clearly.

One of the neat things you can do with your third eye is when you have done this for about a week or you have practiced it for about a week is to start visiting antique shops and picking up different objects.

Close your eyes.

Rub your mind’s eye with the technique we talked about. Rub it a few times to awaken it and pick up different objects.

Pay attention to the visions and things you start getting.

You might surprise yourself that you start picking up the history of these objects and if there is someone there to verify it for you, you will probably be amazed at how accurate a lot of the information is that you’ve been receiving.

2. The 478 Breathing Technique.

Using 478 is a way get into a very quick meditative state.

This second technique involves meditation which means you have got to be in a quiet place.

Take control of your breathing and breathe deeply so you can evoke in you a kind of like an altered state, a trance state.

What 478 is specifically is a meditative technique where you breathe through your nostrils for 4 seconds, you hold that breath within you for 7 seconds and then you exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds.

As you are doing this entire 478 exercise, place the tip of your tongue up against the back of your teeth.

This is a yogic position that allows you to get into that altered state.

Once you start practicing 478 and you feel relaxed and can say you are in altered state of consciousness, look up to the area of your third eye.

Keep that vision there as you are controlling your breathing as long as you can.

Our recommendation is to start with one or two minutes a day, maybe a couple of times a day.

As you get better with holding your vision on the area of your third eye, you are going to want to increase the time doing it.

3. EMDR Meditation.

EMDR is a revolutionary technique created over a decade ago.

EMDR is a ground-breaking method to treat and recover from a trauma, heal disorders on emotional basis like anxiety, depression and in the meantime contributing to activating the Ajna chakra.

Here’s a video that can give you a better understanding and clarity on what EMDR is and how to use it.


Click here to get your free meditation audio + mini course. Relax deeply, gain balance, and flourish!

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6 thoughts on “3 Techniques to Open Your Third Eye And Discover Your Infinite Potential”

  1. Listen carefully. I have activated my third after 1 week and it’s very dangerous. Now I’m seeing everything and even ghosts. I can hear them laughing. Don’t open your third eye. I’m requesting you… If you have any question, ask.

    1. Hello friend,

      I recently initiated to open my 3rd eye, like 2 days ago … After reading your comment now I’m hooked what have you seen?

      Love and light,


    2. Dikzz you should expect to see good things like light and angels. Then you will see what you wanted to see. You may also use it to visualize your desires and make it happen (using the law of attraction).

      Peace and love

  2. Cool article! I just found it when a friend of mine shared with me a link he found on
    Dropbox about a method to awaken the sixth chakra. This post is much detailed and gives good and safe suggestions. Enjoyed it! Thank you.

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