The Best & Fastest Way To Open Your Third Eye

What is the best and fastest way to open your third eye? You’re about to find out.

The third eye serves our intuition and can act as a spiritual guidance.

This subject causes wonderment to those seeking mystical experiences. But we need to know how to prepare.

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The Best & Fastest Way To Easily Open Your Third Eye In 15 Minutes.

We live a world where without intuition we would be pretty much without a sense of purpose. Because once you seize your innate power, life starts to flow.

We’ve received dozens of emails asking a simple question: What is the quickest way to open the third eye?

The answer is visualization. Visualization greatly facilitates the whole process. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes of visualizing to activate your psychic senses if you’re in an overall good mood.

Here’s a visualization you can try.

We’ll use the energy of the heart. The heart is the center of your gut feeling, intuition. And it’s closely connected to your guidance, to the spiritual gifts clairvoyance & clairsentience.

For the goal of your visualization, we will also use a structure in your brain called the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an alias of the third eye.

how to quickly open your third eye

It’s your inner eye, the eye that sees everything. The pineal gland is responsible for many processes in your body that guarantee your well-being. Your intuition center.

How to Perform a Quick Visualization to Activate Your Third Eye?

First, get in a comfortable position.

Have your spine straight.

Keep your feet on the ground and take a few breaths and relax.

You can begin by placing your attention on the pineal gland. Imagine it as a tiny pinecone. Even better – imagine it as a full-size eye inside your head.

We’ll call it pineal gland, so that’s easier to let your body know where you are directing your attention.

What we will do is imagine there is a door that’s in the center of your chest which opens up for a bright, beautiful, divine light. The light enters through the heart chakra and travels up your spine where it meets with the pineal gland, your inner eye.

Third Eye Adventures.

And from there, your inner eye directs that light through your forehead out in the universe.

Let the eternal light become external.

Don’t force it as you don’t want to ruin your efforts.

Do this pattern a couple of times. Feel that sensation of life traveling through the sectors of your body.

You should stop when your body signs it has enough.

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How to Keep Your Third Eye Open?

If you wish to keep your third eye open for the most part of your time, visualization needs to become part of your routine. You need to practice this same hour, same place every day. 

If you put your whole heart into it, the effect will be much greater.

The heart helps you to heal yourself. And when you see the world through your inner vision you activate your heart energy, you see the world as a happy place and perceive others as divine beings. Everything is interconnected – knowing that it’s a really blissful way of living.

Keep your third eye open as much as possible, engage your heart chakra. Connect your heart with your mind.

That’s the best & safest way to easily open your third eye in 15 minutes. We hope this post will be helpful to many of you seeking to broaden your horizons. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.

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43 thoughts on “The Best & Fastest Way To Open Your Third Eye”

  1. When I do mediate, I keep the mind blank and after sometimes later, I feel I’m out of world reaching to see the beautiful solar planets. And sometimes, I want to touch the Sun without burning myself. I feel the Sun is gateway to heaven. I can sit on Earth simply admiring the solar planets.

    Is this a dream or my third eye is opening as I cannot see my third eye on the forehead? Or is there another reason why I get this beautiful dream through meditation?

    1. Hi Rajee,

      What you felt is completely normal. You’ve let yourself to be guided by your mind. If you haven’t set an intent to awaken your third eye, you shouldn’t worry about that.

    2. You won’t see an eye forming on your forehead… It’s inside your head.. It’s thoughts and intuition… Nothing physically grows on you when you open your 3rd eye.

    1. Hello Dunbat,

      It will affect the people around you as long as you allow it. It’s up to you with what intent you use your spiritual gifts.

      1. One time, me and my boyfriend were trippin’ when he looked at me, he said he saw a third eye on my forehead… The other day I had a dream in which I was awakening my third eye, I felt the energy in my forehead and it hurt pretty bad, and then I closed it. I opened it once more and closed it again and each time I felt extreme pain in the center of my head. I felt uncomfortable when it was open and felt the need to deactivate it in my dream. In the dream, my third eye outline was orange and was surrounded by black entirely.

        I’ve trouble making these things out, is my third eye open? I feel like I’m picking up on entities around me I feel their presence. I’ve always been psychic but this is freaking me out.

        1. Hello Mallory,

          Thank you for your comment… From what you’re saying, I believe you’ve opened your third eye. The pain you’ve felt on your forehead is a sure sign of that. But sensing weird entities around you isn’t good. Try to ground yourself by doing what you love. Also, you can close your third eye by setting and intention and using visualization. Simply imagine how it closes and everything is reverting to how it was before.

          Hope this helps!


  2. What if you can read emotions, characters, auras and experience a high understanding of religion. I can see what people think about me, the way they talk and communicate reveals all their thinking of who I am and what I’m supposed to be. it’s often very weird cause it sometimes feels like paranoia, I think my third eye is not open but I experience clairvoyance and see the motives of others malevolent ways. I’m not hallucinating or seeing demons or Jinns and my intuition is never wrong. Is my 3rd eye open or not? What if you sense other people’s emotions, hear what they’re saying without using ears, know how they would react to a situation and know why they do things the way they do.

    1. Anonymouslyyours,

      Yes, your third eye is open. All the symptoms you listed are a sign your third eye is opened and your pineal gland is working perfectly (it isn’t stuffed by junk, fluoride etc). You’ve to learn how to control this ability and not hurt other with your words or actions just because you know things about them. Sometimes, it’s best to keep to ourselves the things we know.

    2. I have the exact same experiences as you have, except for the fact I don’t see people’s auras. I thought I was an empath but then I realised that I can see the emotions of others but I can only sympathize for them and not truly feel what they are feeling. Is this still an empath trait?

  3. I suffer from a condition called Aphantasia which means I am unable to form mental images in my mind. Any type of visualization is out of the question for me which is why I have failed at everything else I’ve tried. Do you know if there’s any way to do this without visualization? Thanks

      1. The whole thing seems pretty strange to me. I don’t even know how to meditate. how do I meditate? should I begin to imagine image or what?

        1. Meditation is about making the mind follow your breathing. It has a calming effect upon a person and allows him to use his imagination to a higher potential. We all meditate. Whether unconsciously or consciously we are in a meditative state most of our time. Visualizing images will increase the manifestation of your desired reality.


    1. Intuition comes to people in different ways…

      There is clairaudience which is clear hearing, clairsentience which is clear feeling and claircogniance which is clear knowing.

      Psychics are not always clairvoyant and see things visually. They may just have a feeling or hear the spirits. So yes, there is a way without visions.

  4. Hey!

    I have a question: it probably sounds stupid but when you open your third eye do you get a real eye on your forehead which people can see? I’m really confused about it.

    1. Hi Karina!

      Your question isn’t stupid.

      Yes, when you open your third eye you get a real eye on your forehead but not in the realm you mean. In the spiritual realm, your third eye is on your forehead and is open and if people have opened theirs they can see it.

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