What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye

Today’s topic is something which interests many of you, as we have received countless emails asking what happens when you open your third eye.

This post is aimed towards those exploring the topic of the third eye or are trying to open it.

A lot of people have found either through meditation or some spiritual practice that they have access to information which they couldn’t imagine, via their intuition or third eye.

Depending on what you’ve realized, it can be quite overwhelming and sometimes frightening because you question what’s real and what’s not. And one thing is that you will start to see things and to experience things that are completely out of the ordinary.

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1. Why the Way You Feel Within Matters.

The first thing you need to remember is your current state of being is essential.

In a post not so long ago, I managed to get Jason Stephenson for an interview  to describe to our readers how his third eye experience unfolded.

If you’re holding fear, aggression, uneasiness, with other words  – negative energy in yourself, the kind of experiences you’re going to attract when you open your third eye are going to be with the same energy.

Being connected to the spiritual realm, you will open your eyes to things you wouldn’t imagine they existed before. Entities from the spiritual realm might visit you, and it’s important how you handle those first encounters with them.

If your energy is low, you’re vulnerable to what you see to make you feel uneasy, fearful, frightened.

But if you’re balanced and centered into yourself, the encounters you will have with those spiritual beings will ensure nothing bad can happen to you.  Essentially, you’ll be able to explore the world of spirituality.

2. Don’t Lose Root With the Current World.

If you have opened up a spiritual center in front of you, there’s going to be a great influx of energy going through your body. That can be rattling, confusing and overwhelming experience.

Spending time outdoors, doing grounding activities is all about being present in the body, being present through your breathing is something favoring you a lot.

what happens when your third eye opens

Take ten very conscious deep breaths every time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. Go for a walk in the woods or somewhere very close to nature and do that as often as possible.

Exercise sports anything where you’re engaging your physical body in a positive way is a very great way to balance all of the energy that is now coming into your being.

It’s up to you to see where you stand at the moment and to act appropriately. So, if you feel as though you need some help or there could be something wrong then definitely see somebody about it.

3. Extrasensory Perception.

Another common thing observed among people who opened their third eye is the manifestation of psychic gifts.

We all hold a set of different psychic abilities within our selfs. But most people don’t realize this until they experience a spiritual awakening of some kind.

It’s true when we say that as babies, we could see entities from other dimensions and communicate with them in our baby language. But as we grow older, the socium manages to put its restrains on our spiritual connection by installing beliefs we don’t need.

By opening the third eye, you can start receiving extrasensory impressions which aren’t confined to the physical realm but lie in the spiritual one. You obtain the so-called gift – clairvoyance or second sight.

Other commonly observed psychic ability is clairaudience. Clairaudience is the gift to catch sounds, words and extrasensory noise from an ethereal dimension, without the need of your physical ears.

Clairsentience, clairtangency, clairgustance and clairscent are other psychic gifts you can display when you open your third eye.

4. Being Aligned With the Vibration of the Universe.

What happens when you open your third eye is you will manage to balance and put in total harmony of all your chakras.

Psychic gifts.

Essentially, once you come in peace within yourself, you align with the Universe intentions, bringing a whole new understanding of the things you know. Your perspective of life will broaden and will never be the same as before.

Being in alignment with the Divine Order, you will start to manifest your wishes much faster than you did before. Your thoughts will be much stronger, and you will gain the ability to influence your reality. 

Don’t worry if you think you will have negative thoughts. Once you raise your vibration, thoughts that carry a negative meaning and bring you down, simply aren’t honored now. You will start to cherish the reality you have.

A Note to Keep for Yourself.

Don’t forget that you’re here on this physical plane having a physical experience and as fantastic as these visions can be, remember to be always real.

It’s of great importance to go about your daily life, to interact with people to continue working, to continue being human.

No matter what it is going on, if you’re seeing these visions that are coming to you, don’t let that get in the way of you living. Follow through with your day-to-day activities, continue taking care of yourself. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your physical experiences and allow your spiritual experience to complement that rather than take that away.

Maintain balance.

The final point that I would like to talk to you about is maintaining balance.

We have different parts which are being – we are body, mind, and spirit.

If you focus only on spiritual experiences, your mind and your body won’t get the attention that they deserve, so it’s essential to take what you see with a grain of salt.

Maintain balance when you open your third eye.

It’s crucial to have spiritual experiences and to allow yourself to separate from that. Don’t neglect the role of physical experiences too.

Your spiritual experiences complement and enrich your life. So see them as a gift that they are but remember that there are other gifts in other spheres in your life that are there for you to enjoy.

I hope that you all enjoy the information you get today, and this will satisfy your interest in what happens when you open your third eye.

If you have any tips that you’d like to share to help cope with visions or experiences that you’ve had you can talk about that in the comment section below.

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  • I didn’t understand the dangers of awakening your third eye, but does it by any chance make you look crazy? Like someone talking to himself, those kinds of stuff? I’m still new at meditation, and I’d like to know all there is to know about the third eye before I choose to open it. I read that there are consequences. What can happen when you awake your third eye?

  • I have been working on opening my third eye for almost a year.

    Every night I go through the same meditation exercise. I have a feeling there is a connection between tricks of light inside the eye and the subconscious.

    A lot of people say they see an eye or pine cone shape and purple circle and a starry sky…these are loose descriptions.

    If you’ve every pressed ur palms against your eyes you’ve seen bright psychedelic checkerboard patterns.

    The third eye practise creates a gentler trick of light patterns in the eye. And staring forward with your eyes shut will soon give you a throbbing sensation or slight headache at the bridge of your nose or between your eyes where they claim the third eye is.

    This stuff isn’t metaphysical or spooky…but what is weird….and I mean really exciting is what a lot of people call lucid dreaming.

    The third eye meditation practise unleashes a heightened day dream state that is wild detailed and vibrant…and fleeting.

    You suddenly see scenes or people or stories that are completely unfamiliar and freakish. The dreams appear and evaporate and they seem to have no connection to your waking life. Sleep dreams do. I’m sleep you experience familiar people or places morphing and changing.

    But a lucid dream is like a 60 second sci-fi fever nightmare. It plays out and moved on. You are awake. Still awake.

    I don’t know if the third eye is really a small dormant organ in your brain or a tool to see auras or the future but it does seem like a neurological switch…stare toward with your eyes closed laying on your back…keep on looking forward, focus on your breathe and let go of your typical “busy” thoughts.

    It may take awhile but eventually you will see colors soft shapes sparkles….keeping going and you will experience wild foreign daydreams. If you fall asleep during this process you may notice your sleep dreams are more intense.

    That’s all I know for sure. I haven’t seen spirits or auras or other realms. Just wild ass visions. I practice every night. It’s like being 12 and discovering masturbation. Its a neurological trick that pours red bull on your subconscious.

  • My name is Linda and my third eye opened on its own even before I stared meditating. After we buried my mom, came back to Florida, I closed my eyes and Omgoodness saw so many faces, so vivid unreal. Many things starting happening.

  • When I was just a child I would have visions that would make me get sick. I did not know what it was so I would just call it “my feelings” when I was little it would make me throw up but as I got older I would just gag.. My mom use to tell me that I was just psychic but a few years ago I got tests done because my doctor thought that it may be epileptic seizures and that I might have epilepsy, I didn’t. Could this be related to my third eye? Could I have opened my third eye as a child without knowing it? I often here my name as if someone was in the room with me and sometimes I can feel or see something walk/go past me but could my feeling of fear be holding me back from anything trying to communicate with me?

  • I really want to open mine, but I feel as if it could harm me mentally in some sort of way. Is that a possibility to consider?

  • Imagine when you watch a movie and the movie was interesting. Then you sleep over because of how intense the action. You loved it and you end up dreaming about it. The characters in the movie are the same but it will play differently, not like the actual one you watched.

    If you have passion for music and you love sing, you will dream about yourself putting more passion on your talent or dream about yourself seeing where you talent can lead you to.

    Have you ever loosed focus and thought of different stuff while you’re in the company of a friend. They just tap you and say: “Hey, snap out!”

    You were having a third eye vision. And dreams are part of your third eye. Your third eye is called your vision, what you show passion for is visioned by your third eyes.

    If you see spirit it’s because God opened your eyes.

    Meditate and you will end up sleeping and that will be the coolest rest you ever had. Relaxing your mind and body will end up creating a charge in your imagination thus opening your third eye when you fall sleep.

    I cannot stress enough how important it is to take control of your dreams in any situation because your dream is your free world. It’s like your world been created on it’s own. Take charge of it because God has given you dominion over everything in it.

    When you’re a spirit you will not get this gift of vision or dreaming, so take charge of it, take out the negative wave and take in positive. People believe that it’s when you see good things you can attract positive wave. That’s a no no. Start now and experience the changes and impact in your life, your third eye manifests good things in your life but it all depends on you to take control of your thoughts and accepting what’s positive.

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